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  1. Hi guys, I have an Aquagate ALC-U01 that has a "electronic smell" to it. I got up in the morning to walk into my office to have the whole room stink. My first thought was it has leaked but lucky for me no leaks. The unit works just fine but is giving off that nasty electronic smell. I pulled the cover off and have tracked the smell down to the (what I would call the inductor/choke at the top of the board) see picture. This is the component that stinks and gets "warm" (sorry bout the picture, I had to use my phone) Does anyone have a working Aquagate or Cooler Master could you give me the value of this component so I can replace it. My setup has ran flawlessly for years on end now (apart from being on my 3rd fan). My system runs 24x7 and really hasn't missed a beat. Worst case does anyone know if it's possible to get a replacement board?