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  1. It sounds as if there's not complete contact between the CPU and the block. Try removing it and look at what the Thermal Interface Material (TIM or 'goop') looks like on the cpu and the block.. If it's all spread out, then just make sure you followed the directions on how tight to make the screws. Also, make sure you're not using too much goop. Some people (myself included) spread it out so it's a thin laywer between the CPU and the block. Others put a little tiny blob of goop in the middle of the cpu. I like the previous method, as it makes it uniform and seems to have less bubbles. Make sure you have the water flow directions correct as well. Let us know what you find out.
  2. It does sound like you have something blocking it. Possibly wiring or something like that. I suggest taking off the face again, verify that everything is as it should be, then put it back on. It is a little hard to get back on. The first time I took mine off, I felt that I was going to break it. Good luck!!!
  3. Here's what I'd do, with the ATCS 840.. One of the top 200mm fans should be turned so it's blowing on the motherboard/cpu area. The other one is fine to have as exhaust. Once that's done, this case is just outstanding.
  4. You will probably have to remove the top fan on the side panel wall. The bottom one should be ok though.
  5. If you have an AMD system, make sure CnQ (Cool'N'Quiet) is turned on. That will drop the fan noise depending on how hot the CPU is getting. I'm not sure what the Intel version of this is, but I'm pretty sure they had one. Otherwise, you may have to just get a fan speed controller or a fan speed reducer. ... e615f2f94a
  6. For the CPU one, figure out exactly where the cpu/HS make contact... Then attach it about 1 CM away from that on the bottom HS, kind of near the screws maybe. It's really hard to say ( i cant remember what they look like, and I don't want to pull mine off again. lol ) For the GPU, that's a little tough.. It depends on the card you use.. Sometimes you can remove the cover and attach it right on the heatsink. The hard drive is fairly straight forward. Attach it on the bottom side, where the spindle is.. That seems to be the hottest part I've seen. For the 4th, I'd say just use like chassis area. Maybe somewhere just hanging there, not attached to any kind of metal.
  7. Heya and welcome to the forums! In regards to the 4-pin plug, are you referring to the extension cable or the back of the MFC2 itself? The 4-Pin plug that I see on the v8, is like all 4-pins that I've seen. It's like a modified 3-pin connector.
  8. salanos, that's WAY too much. The easiest way I've found to apply any thermal compound (since no one YET supplies a scraping tool) is this: Put a line of the compound on one edge of the cpu. Use a credit card (I happen to use my A+ certification card, lol) and, while pressing firmly, drag it over the entire CPU. Using the remainder of the goop on the card, apply it as needed to any parts of the CPU that didn't get any. It should be a fairly thin layer. Do the exact same thing on the Heatsink. Marry the two together, and before it's fully mounted, give it a 20-45 degree turn, just so the two combine. There are problems caused when people either use too much, or use too little. Thermal compound is used to fill the gaps between the CPU and HS, NOT to be a complete layer between the two. No thermal compound will compare to a direct contact between the two metals, but since no metal is 100% smooth, we use the compound in fill in those areas. Now.. As for the thickness of it. I found it to be fine if you first squish it around with your fingers while it's still inside the little packet. This doesn't work with the tube, if you've got that however. I use a V8, and I tried using the Tuniq MX-2 before... Then a week later went to the CM 400 stuff, fully intending to go back. Although I didn't get a drop of temps like 6 or 7 degrees, I did get a drop of about 3-4. So, it was worth it in my opinion.
  9. The 9900 doesn't fit.. It's too big. Atleast that's what my friend tells me. The 9700 with the 1366 bracket fits, albeit just barely.
  10. The OP is looking at the Cosmos 1000, not the Cosmos S.. There's no side fan on the standard Cosmos 1000. So, you really only need to look at the clearance. So.. Saying that.. I think it will fit, but you'll need to find out the inside dimensions first.
  11. You don't need anything. The needed stuff is all on the back of the 'tray' for you. Basically, you take off two screws, remove a bracket. Slip the fan into the one end, then put the bracket on the opposite end, then screw the bracket back on.. Remember. CM designed this to exhaust air.....not intake. Whether that's what you decide to do.. heh.. To each his own.
  12. btw, any 120x120x25mm fan should work in it.. I've replaced all of mine with Scythe fans. I dont like my case to glow, and the CFM is better than the original stuff. If you have a spare fan laying around, try replacing it on your own. They just use 4 plastic pins. If you need help removing them, I'm sure one of us can help you through a PM or something. Good luck.
  13. Heya Big.. Try this... Not sure how good they are, but it will fit into the 3.5" spaces. The only other thing would be to try to contact WDC. If it's still under warranty, they may replace the Icepack...Although, I think if you separate the HDD and the Icepack, it voids the warranty. I could be wrong though. Good luck!
  14. Where's the fan installed? On the mobo tray or on the side panel fan thing? If the motherboard tray.... I don't think so. I think that card is about 10 inches long, which will put it over the end of the board. And I don't think it's quite high enough. I do think it will fit on the 4-fan side panel bracket though. I no longer have a crossflow (as the one I ordered was kind of broke), so I cannot give you exact #'s and measurements. So, take my information with a grain of salt.
  15. I've not been able to find a windowed version there... So, his question is still valid. The only place I've seen them for sale in the US is at ... 43c239s341 (Click on the above link, don't copy and paste, or you won't get the full thing)