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  1. The actual noise increase is minimal. This PSU is built with gamers in mind. Therer will be slim to no increase while the PSU is under full load.
  2. Hey CM faithfull, check the web the ATCS 840 silver and black is out!!!! Go get yours today!!!
  3. Well as for pricing, still cant say.... Gota keep everyone guessing for just a bit longer. Now in regards to the front panel, there is still significant air flow through the case, in fact during my testing of this case the internal ambient temps were kept in the low 40's.
  4. by ImperfectLink on Thu Oct 02, 2008 10:48 am I own this case and love it, however, I noticed that the HAF 932 has space for liquid cooling. Which is the recommended liquid cooling setup for this case? I cant find the kit on the CM website. Thanks.ImperfectLink LED Head Imperfectlink, The HAF specializes in upgradability and options. There is no one kit that works best with this case. Most of the kits are Customized kits. We are currently working on a kit to mount the Aqua gate max. As soon as those are available we will make a post and let everyone know.
  5. Alright a bit of information for you ATCS enthusiasts.... As most of you know CM was indeed one of the first to introduce All Aluminum chassis to the market and we decided, we were a little tired of everyone else doing it wrong, and figured we would come back and show everyone how its done. First, The cable managing on this case is phenomenal, I have had the privilege to build a system out of this case and I was very very impressed with all of the functions that was built into the case. Pricing, that will be released soon, lets just say "we got this". We are currently working on making the black edition of the case ALL black and yes that means rear panel, interior the whole shebang. As you also noticed the cut out on the M/B tray is indeed for you CPU guys who hate removing your MB, so problem solved. You will not have any problems finding a place to put any of your cables, you will have no problem with temps, not problem with Cooler heights, nothing..... Are there any other questions I might be able to answer? Bring it on!!!
  6. Hello CM Faithfull, What does everyone think about a fanless PSU?
  7. All of the fans with the HAF come with connectors that you can take off and connect directly to the MB.... That is as long as you have enough space to connect the three. Once there you should not have a problem controlling them throught the BIOS.
  8. Hello everyone, if the picture has shown up you will all see that there is such things as a 90CFM fan with such a low Dba. Now the Dba is closer to 21 but still very very quiet. In fact our Hyper Z600R comes with one of these fans included in the packaging because the CFM helps to cool the CPU that much better. All we are looking for is the general interest in such fans. If people are looking for case fans we are asking for your input because unless your sitting at your computer with your ear up to the case, these fans are very quiet. In fact they are quieter than most fans I have been able to get my hands on.
  9. Hello everyone! The GeminII S is already available in the US and has been for some time now. The reason you may be having a hard time finding it is because the model number is incorrect. The correct model number is RR-CCH-PBU1-GP and can be found and most online places such as and others. Enjoy.
  10. Remember, different markets release products at different times. The US WILL be releaseing the V8 soon. Performance, we have been able to take out 120 extreme, Ultra 90, and all Zalman coolers. This puppy was designed for performance, and perform it will. The Hyper Z600 is a cooler designed to compete with the Ultra 120 Extreme and thus far has done a good job keeping temps very low. By addid the two fans to the Hyper Z you increase the size of course but also increase the cooling performance. One quick not about the V8, The higher powered your CPU the Cooler the temps run with the V8. So the stronger and higher you push the V8 the more cooling performance it will push back at you.
  11. Hello CM Faithfull, I though I would include you all into this discussion regarding a low wattage PSU. How would a PSU line with 300-460 Watts benifit you? Pro's Cons' reccomendations? All comments are welcome.
  12. There should not be any clearance issues between the V10 and the HAF. However I will confirm that at a later time. I am getting ready to begin the testing phase and am awaiting that cooler to test and get measurements. Stay Tuned
  13. All of the new Aquagate max units that CM has in stock are supposed to have the modified installation completed. It is true for past Max units, you needed as special set of rails to mount the max into the Cosmos S however the new max units no longer need the rails.