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  1. Hey Luke, Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but here is a manual for the Masterkeys Lite L Combo, which includes keyboard operating instructions.
  2. how you doing man ?

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  3. Have you tried testing the keyboard on a second computer? It doesn't sound like something that could be attributed to your computer, but just in case, it's always good to check on another computer. Most likely, if it's a new keyboard and that's the problem, it's a defective one and you should be able to swap it out where you bought it. If that's not possible, you can try contacting support to see if they can arrange a replacement for you.
  4. You're talking about the cable that goes from the power supply to the wall socket, right? Using a cable from a previous PSU should be fine. Any way to contact support or your place of purchase in order to get the proper cable?
  5. The best way to be sure is to contact support directly about this, since they'd be the one handling any warranty-related things.
  6. Moved your topic to the keyboards subforum from the cases subforum (since this is about a keyboard, it doesn't belong in the cases category) A few questions to ask first: Did the spacebar work initially? Have you tried another USB port or another computer? Do you have a similar problem if you use another keyboard on your computer?
  7. It's weird that others on mumble hear themselves when you try to transmit voice--even with a broken mic that kind of behavior shouldn't happen. Is Mumble set to use the Sirus as the microphone audio source? Does pressing microphone mute change anything with the green bar? (ex. if mic is muted does it go down to 0 bars, or does it stay at one?) Since the bar can go up if you tap the microphone, it seems like the mic unit is still working on some level. Is the microphone level turned up in the control panel?
  8. Yea, if the behavior's the same on another computer, there's probably something going on with the keyboard It sounds like you might need an RMA, so I recommend contacting support so they can help you out
  9. There is bound to be at least a tiny bit of sound on a pump, considering there are moving parts. On my Nepton, there is a little bit of noise when I get close as well. It seems like you have to be really close for the sound to be picked up by the camera, you can't hear it during normal operation, and your temps are fine, so I think the unit should be ok. If you're really concerned, I would recommend contacting support and seeing what they say about it-- they should be able to tell you more definitively.
  10. Looks like you get another drive cage, a window, different top aesthetics, another included front fan, and the top radiator rail (that you said you didn't need), with the pro version. You can find the differences here: If those differences don't matter to you, it would make more sense to buy the standard version
  11. If you go to your control panel and search sounds and open the recording tab, is your headset microphone set as the default? If it is, then try talking into the mic and see if there is any response on the green bars
  12. It sounds like a defective switch for the left click. I would definitely recommend an RMA if you could!
  13. Do the same problems occur when you plug the mouse into another computer? Usually if a single click registers as a double click, there is a defect with the switch. If you are within warranty period, I would recommend contacting support to get an RMA. For the mouse moving around, what kind of movement is it?
  14. Hi Sophie, have you tried the keyboard on a different computer? (Preferably on a desktop and not connected through a USB hub)
  15. The Elite 372 case supports CPU coolers up to 163 mm tall, and the Hyper 612 V2 is measured at 160.4 mm tall. It'll be a close fit, but it should work just fine