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  1. I too have just disconnected my replacement fan after my wife hit the desk with the vacuum cleaner which wobled the desk and there was a similar noise just before the last one broke (like the fan fouling for a split second). I'll wait for a guard at least. And if that doesn't happen its staying off. I would not reccomend anyone runs that side fan without one.
  2. Mine came today, thanks for the great service
  3. Thanks notoriousbigs. I was hoping for the guard after seeing what can happen, but it's better than nothing and i appreciate it. I will try to fabricate or buy some guard before i reinstall another fan that has the posibility of shedding blades i don't normally get lucky once let alone twice
  4. I've not heard anything yet and i was the one who started this thread ? It really isn't the end of the world but i would of thought i'd of heard something i PM admin with Picture and details .......maybe i got missed :
  5. The cosmosS is not that old and any failures would be covered under warranty, why pay?
  6. Well i too have recieved/filled out and returned the requistion form i was not asked for pictures tho?! and did not read about sending pictures with the form in this thread until after i'd returned the form -i do have them here if needed. I have to say so far i'm impressed with the way Coolermaster is handling my problem. A welcome relief after dealing with some big companies
  7. Great I hope this is not going to be a "we will ignore you and hope you go away/Your problem is too small to warrant our attention" type thing that some companies seem to adopt. Well i have not dealt with Coolermaster before so i will wait and see how they handle it before i presume.
  8. I have been running the cosmosS for about 5 months now.It is a great case......... The other night i was gaming when all of a sudden there was a huge bang followed by what can only be described as ball bearings being rattled in a tin can coming from the CosmosS....My first reaction was to shut down quickly (holding the power button down for 4 seconds ) which seemed like an eternity at the time!(the PSU switch was not easily accessable) Opening the case revealed that the 230mm side panel fan had shed two of its blades and decided to throw them around the inside of the case! Well luckily for me (i guess?) there was no damage to other components. There is absolutely no apparent reason as to why this happened there is no hardware or wiring even close to this fan.. and its been running great for the last few months. I've emailed Coolermaster to see what they say , so i guess i will find out how good their support is ?! Has anyone ever had this happen and can anyone advise me the best way to approach suppoprt for the best results ? Thanks