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  1. blackrain_101

    V10 Beeping?

    if you purchased this from newegg...your better off sending it back for a complete replacement and use neweggs excellent customer service.
  2. before I completely dismantle the PSU for RMA...I would do one more thing...keep the connections but remove the PSU and set it outside the case...then see if the noise actually is coming from the PSU....99% of the people reporting noise are quick to blame the PSU because its sitting close to the GPU and the ear test isn't that acurate.
  3. ok then...see the reply below me from support....(but im sure its the same issue)
  4. it helps to observe topics viewtopic.php?f=23&t=11631
  5. connect your PSU directly to the MB 24 ATX (without the extention or front panel connected) and use the power-on switch on the MB..if it powers up then its a faulty Front Panel I/O module. They had issues with some earlier and shipped out replacements after a few weeks to months.
  6. well hopefully CM will send you a replacement 24 pin extention and replacement power-button or panel and won't leave you hanging...thats a nice case and deserves proper support.
  7. so you're saying that connecting the 24 pin extention (and removing the connection to the frontpanel) and using the power-on from the MB it works? I know they had all sorts of issues with this particular touch sensor and had to ship out many replacements. Hopefully Support will come to you rescue in a timely matter.
  8. you might have a short somewhere...your MB has a 'power-on and reset' on the board itself. If you plug the PSU directly to the the boards power-on and reset work properly? if it does..then can you connect the extention and remove the front panel button connection and see if the boards power-on and reset work? I'm not real sure but your motherboard might be grounded (shorted) to the case. Did you use the 'stand-off' and spaced them properly as per your manuel. Also that board has one of the most complex bio's in the world and has something called 'CMOS RELOADED'. If this is a new build I suggest you check everything with a fine tooth comb. The CMOS usually doen't reset itself unless there is an error in the settings...expecially with over-clocking and all settings are stored in the CMOS Battery that has nothing to do with the PSU or Front-Panel.
  9. that sounds really odd. The only thing that I could think of is a 'defective' 24 pin extention that was probably wired wrong. Maybe you can get CM to send you a replacement **edited to add** the above is very unlikely and most likely a failing CMOS Battery.
  10. I know someone that says 5 140MM 2-top can be 140mm 2-side can be 140mm 1-bottom can be 140 (front)..back vent supports a PSU front fan-120MM only back fan-120mm only right panel supports a 80x15 fan only
  11. you should never rely on software for any accurate readings. Checking the voltage in the BIO's is recommended. If you then find issues from that reading then use a voltmeter for 100% accuracy. If your 12v was that messed up you'd have all kinds of HDD issues,DVD/CD Drivers issues----in fact you probably woundn't even be able to boot from your HDD.
  12. thats sounds like the fluid level is need to see if you can't get the model number information off the cooler itself and seek a manual.
  13. yes...the front panel audio connectors will connect to the sound-card....your manuel should discuss this. Also here is a forum that helps. ... uage=en-us
  14. its not really best to rely on a software based program for PSU get a more accurate reading you should use a voltage meter. checking the voltage in the Bio is usually more accurate than software based....check it in the BIO. I would also suspect if your voltage were 10v you would be having all kinds of power issues with your computer. (CPU-Graphics) here is a video that helps explain using a voltmeter for the most accurate test. ... 8042569466
  15. maybe you can email cooler master and see about working out something to get a 'case speaker' from the Elite 330 front panal...they are nice. You'd be surprised how willing CM is to work with in private before making public complaints.