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  1. I would say a pea at the most.. You really do not want a lot of thermal paste or it can get down into the socket or pins and cause the PC to not work
  2. Use a very small amount, usually a small dot is enough for a processor. Some people prefer to smear or spread it across the CPU itself to cover it completely. However most thermal compounds and their manufacturers suggest against this. I personally make a small bead line across the top of the processor going down the center from one edge to the next then spread it lightly making a thin light coat.
  3. Kote - for that processor and speed it's not insanely high. But do you have the fans properly in the case... ie. Rear case fan being exhaust, CPU fan on the heatsink pulling air from front of case and exhausting it out the back of the heatsink to the rear of case? Front fans as intakes I hope? Just asking and going through check list is all.
  4. Kote - what processor are you running?
  5. Also another thought here, did you install the 4-pin fan connector to the 4pin CPU fan and the 3pin Radiator to one of the 3pin fan connectors on your motherboard?
  6. Tedddy9 - I've always been one to remove the stock thermal paste that's come preinstalled on any cooler only because you don't know how long it's been on the block for. But remember only a thin coat of it is all that is needed. You didn't inadvertently change any voltages in the bios did you?
  7. - More pics here, there will be a build log up soon for it as I get around to cleaning and tearing apart the system and case again for the mod I'll be working on.
  8. Will post a pic up later when I get home from work. But I'm using a HAF 932 I acquired for free from a coworker. In this case I have these fans. 1 Front Panel fan (swapped out the lighted one for the one that was in the top after dismantling and cleaning) 1 Side Panel (Original one with the case but dismantled fan and cleaned it good as well) 1 The Store Rear case fan (Again dismantled and cleaned) 3 x 120mm Fans across the top of the case with my XSPC RASA 360 Radiator 1 120mm Case fan in bottom of the case Plus the fan thats in my CM Silent Pro Gold 800W PSU from CM Beta test a while back. The Fans across the radiator are set up with 2 pulling air in and one exhausting air out and all controlled with a NZXT Fan controller. The front panel fan of course is set as intake, the side panel as well. The lower case fan and the rear case fans as exhaust fans as well. All of this is cooling MB: MSI A88X-G45 Gaming CPU: AMD A10-7850K @ 4.9Ghz (XSPC Rasa Waterblock 1/2" Primochill LRT Tubing) RAM: Kingston DDR3 2133 Mhz 16 GB VGA: MSI GTX 480 (Koolance Water block using 1/2" Primochill LRT Tubing) 4 x 120GB SSD's (RAID 0... 2 drives are OCZ Vertex III's and 2 Samsung Evo 840's) Case will be modded soon using rigid lines and some paint as the case had some damage to it when I received it, mostly just scratches and had soda spilled in it... 3 hrs to tear down to nothing and clean it good!
  9. Yes Ambient temperature can affect a lot of things. Cooling in a PC, Server, and even the cooling products for themselves.
  10. Superfreak - He was asking for build advice, not what you like in his case. Maybe he chose that case because he liked it vs. pricing or more. That case he picked will support ATX and Micro ATX. He was mostly asking for advice on the other hardware which he got a lot of good-great advice on. Cases are just aesthetics.
  11. Geforce GTX 660ti - 24A and a 450W PSU minimum - And that's not msi taking other components in the system you're installing it in into consideration. The power supply may not be powerful enough to push power out to the video card, especially since you're stating that the VGA LED on the mainboard is lit up. You may need to get a higher wattage power supply. 600W+ just to be safe.
  12. Do not turn the screws too tight. The waterblock should be snug but not so tight that it flexes or bow's the board at the CPU. I just do mine snug and firm, I also use an open loop setup vs. a closed loop all in one unit.
  13. I just hope that the motherboard from the Dell optiplex is not one of Dell's famous we'll use a proprietary front panel header style boards. They're known for doing that with their server and optiplex line. If it's got standard front panel headers for the power, reset, hdd and power led then you should be golden with the case mentioned by CM Jerry
  14. Honestly on the PSU I would've gone with a 550W or higher as stated by Knud. I do a lot of OC'n for fun and competitions myself and you don't want to have lack of power/wattage when it comes to that because it can cause you to scratch your head and make you wonder what's up. But all in all looks like a decent build you have going
  15. Looks good! However I stay away from liquids with uv dyes and other liquids with dyes in them. I use distilled water with a microbio inhibitor.