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  1. I just wanted to thank Cooler Master for making the first silent PSU that I've used that does NOT squeal or make significant buzzing under loads. I've been using a 5 year old enermax PSU for.. well, 5 years because its the only one I could find that didn't squeal. I've tried Zalman, OCZ, Antec, Corsair, Silverstone - All squealed. No more migraines from those [ Literally, within a minute, the noise would give me a migraine ]. So, if anyone has buzzing or squealing under high-fps 3d activity, try this! GREAT PSU! TY COOLER MASTER! Note: @ 400FPS+, it makes the slightest, nearly inaudible, buzzing.. but, its so light and quiet I don't care. A slight bit of squealing is noticed at <25W loads, but.. I don't see anyone getting there without forcing it. And again, its very quiet anyway. Some things that could use improvement would be cable length + anti-vibration pads, though. I can not do any cable management do to the extremely short cables. The anti-vibration pads took me about 15 mins to put on. [ Why not give them their own very small screws? ]
  2. Have HDT. [Heatpipe Direct Touch ] Wider fin spacing Thicker fins that is HDT
  3. Very common problem. I've had many in the past year and heres how it all works out: Original Enermax 535W thats about 3 years old makes no buzzing or squealing no matter what, just semi-loud fans. Zalman 850W Squeals and buzzes under load Silverstone ST70F x 2 both have rattling fans and extremely light squealing Corsair HX620W squeals Seasonic M12 + M12D + S12 squeal I've been trying to find one that doesnt make those noises and it seems like my efforts are futile. Do not RMA the PSU like coolermaster or any other brand would tell you to do. Its likely its just the common defect 99% of PSUs have. Silverstone was kind enough to tell me it was some component that switches during load changes does this. So when you have a good computer like yours and get very high FPS in games, that current changes so rapidly that it produces a squeal. The Silverstone Strider series apparently reduces this by slowing the response time, but of course the power isn't as clean - or something like that. Zalman simply told me "The issue is know at ZALMAN, but I do not know the policy terms when the fix is implemented." I didn't bother to talk to Corsair. All they tell customers to do is RMA.. and some do it 3 or more times. ----------------------- Some people report getting noise after getting new CPU, some after new GPU, and some get rid of the noise by getting new GPUs. It seems the CPU and GPU are the biggest problem for the PSU. 8800GTS 512 + GTX 260 216 both make the noise for me though . Good luck and if you find one that doesn't squeal, please tell me!
  4. Guess its Antec P182 for me then. Thanks anyway.
  5. I've already looked at it and although its nice, and comes with a very nice price, its not enough. Again, I want ALL steel. I just wont dare buy anything with that much plastic. Again, great case, but its not for me. Thats a cheap silent case, I want a high end silent case. I don't want to modify things.
  6. I'm hoping you're planning a new silent mid tower because this Stacker 830 isn't doing it for me. ( Too large to transport ) Some things I'd like to see: -Wide enough for large heatsinks [ Wider than the P183 ] -Sound dampening material on as many sides as possible -No side window, ventilation, or fans. -All steel construction ( Not aluminum ) -No 230/220/200mm fans -1/2x front, 1x rear, 2x top fans [120mm] with 3 pin connectors -Fan controller on front hub [ 500RPM low, 800RPM mid, 1200rpm high ] -Sound blockers [ Like the ATSC 840 with the metal on the front, or the P193 with the cover on the side ] on top and front -Removable mobo tray with good cable management -Tool-less -Priced under $200, hopefully around $150 -Door on front to further deflect noise if there is no cover for front fan -Black interior and exterior -No LEDs -Stacker 830-like side panels? I love the design of them and how they stick out in the rear-but this might cause vibration -Rubber feet -Sound dampened hard drive bay [ Soft rubber, no plastic or metal mounting ] Cover: Possible? Any plans? The Sileo is decent but with so much plastic and thin side panels its not gonna work for me.
  7. Aww, but everyone loves the 83X series .
  8. I've wanted to put a large intake fan on my stacked for awhile now. If only there was a tray and fan to go there, hint hint? IF this is considered, my only problem would be that the HDT-S1283 CPU heatsink I'm using leaves just a few mm between its heatpipes and the fan bracket. A possible fix would be the bracked hanging over the side a few mm + a thin fan. If this gets made, I'll be the first to buy it. The 120mm's just miss my Striker II Formulas NB + SB, so they hit 90C+
  9. Thanks for responding. Its "good" to know I'm not alone with this. Of course I don't want anyone else to have the problem, but, maybe more people = CM / other more apt to help .
  10. Thanks for responding; Its not any fan. They are all fine [ except my PSU fan, but that doesn't matter as its not vibrating ] So I think its just vibration from the fans causing it.
  11. I would say skip it. Other companies who have tried this have very high failure rates because of the rapid heat-up and cool down damaging parts. Stick with a silent 500-1000RPM fan, not like most people will notice that anyway.
  12. I have had this noise for awhile, and its been gone lately, but today I added another fan on the side panel and it seems to have come back. It might have been there for awhile though. For a month or two, I had a window fan.. in my window.. set on max, which is quite loud. Just today I turned it off. So, does anyone know where its coming from? If I put pressure on the: Front Door, Side Fan Panel, or Top* it goes away. I notice that on my Stacker front door, the top magnet is connecting while the bottom is not doing anything [ If I open it, the bottom goes out a centimeter or two before the top one even budges. ] And on the side fan panel, the bottom lock clicks instantly upon closing while the top lock needs lots of pressure and for me to push it in all the way for it to snap itself shut. So what do I do? This noise is pretty annoying, as its not a buzz, but more of a 'tapping' noise. This would fit my guess of it being the Front Door or Side Fan Panel, as the extra fans would transfer vibrations through them. If I touch the panel, its vibrating a bit. Not very bad at all, but its noticeable. On the Front, its also there, but very weak [ On the bottom of the door its a wee bit more violent. ] I will try removing the two things and see if it goes away, and then individually - Tomorrow. So why did I post this now? So I don't forget to do so tomorrow. ♥ CM - Thanks for all your help so far, and for sending me 3, yes, 3 different motherboard trays to help my GPU problem. That is so impressive! 10/10 customer support, love you ! ♥ *This reduces some of the noise unlike the other two which prevent all of it. Oh, and sorry for all the mistakes in spelling and grammar up there. I went through once editing out lots of problems already, but I'm tired, so I probably missed a million more .
  13. Does the Maximus II have a CLR CMOS button? If so, press that, and then try to boot. So far with my Striker II the only way to boot up is by pressing that button every single time I power on. [ Heck, I can't even put it into sleep mode >.< ]
  14. Wow that looks great! Nice job! COPYRIGHT THE DESIGN, sell it to CM, and then make some $$$ every time they sell the modded 690
  15. I really know that for one: 2000RPM will be unbearably loud especially on fans >7 blades. The motor noise would most likely be heard, and the turbulence... woah, it's gonna be mad! Now to get to 21DB, you need about 1000RPM. At 2000, it will be around 40DB. What does this mean? Either the airflow or DB ratings are WRONG. A general reference would be Wonderful fan reviews. Anyone know lovely SilenX with similar claims? Their fans got beat down, terribly. They claim 11DB, 44CFM, and 1100RPM. What do they produce? 26DB, which is just terrible [ 1200RPM fans do better ] and only 35CFM.