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  1. Hmm, only 3 5.25 bays. Seems little light. I personally run a dual 5.25 bay mounted reservoir+pump, so that'll leave only one left for my blu-ray drive, my fan controller, and my x-fi front panel. Decisions, decisions ...
  2. Nope, it needs to be a 200mm x 200mm x 30mm fan, like this: http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalog/ ... s_id=26547
  3. Interesting. Wonder if they'll give existing customers the dust filters. I think they should.
  4. I said I noticed no difference in temps. Note I compared it with three S-Flex's undervolted to around 800-900 rpm. The XSPC rad performs well with low speed fans with the less restrictive fins compared to other rads, so you still get significant air flow even if there is less static pressure. Running 1850rpm fans, you'll get better performance, but you'll also get into the unbearably loud category for me, especially with 3 of them.
  5. I did this with my ATCS build a while ago, and it actually does work. Besides being much quieter than 3x120mm fans, I saw almost no difference in temps with my cpu. I used an XSPC RX360 and a Switftech GTZ on a Q6600.
  6. xeffexts989

    HAF-X Question

    Just got mine also. Anyone know where to buy the other 200mm top fan (black one, no leds)?
  7. Finished my build (for now). Have to say, this case was made for water cooling. Much better better than my "ghetto" partial external setup from before.
  8. Just got my case from Amazon, and it's still the old version. That is, the side panels are still using latches, the side fan is still in it's old position, and the front panel doors are kept in place with magnets. The "finger holes" Raqin mentioned are actually just used to open/close the front doors, not the actual side panels. However, I think I'll just keep the thing since I, like others, am just tired of waiting.
  9. If you order it from Amazon, you most likely won't be getting it directly from Amazon, but from one of their affiliated tech-stores. No telling what they have in stock - without contacting them directly. And the Review shouldn't matter - it was a review of the case, not a promise to only sell that one. Be Well! Fireheart Actually, if it says "Ships and sold by Amazon.", then it's from Amazon. Otherwise, it would say it "Sold by so and so's shop." I've bought processors and motherboards, and made sure with Amazon this was the case since such affiliated shops won't have the return policy, free shipping, etc. Btw, I just bought from Amazon and will let you know if I get the new revised version. Great thing about Amazon is that you can always return with no shipping charge and no restocking fee unlike Newegg. I would say go for it if you don't want to wait since you lose nothing other than time (maybe).
  10. Out in Malaysia: http://www.fusionit.com.my/Chassis-&-Enclosures-Chassis-(no-PSU)-Full-Tower/c1_2_76/p359/Cooler-Master-COSMOS-S/product_info.html Be patient, it's coming.
  11. Doesn't really say much. http://translate.google.com/translate?u ... l=ja&tl=en
  12. Back on topic. Saw this listing: http://item.rakuten.co.jp/goodwill/4719512011706/ Saw another listing at malaysian site. Just waiting for it to hit the states.