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    Cosmos-S Side Panel Fan

    nvm I found it, thanks!
  2. Yea, I already plan on replacing the stock fans on whatever I decide to buy... One thing I was wondering about in relation to the fans; If I mount the rad in the top of the case(where its designed to be), will I be able to mount 2 addition fans on the other side(on top of the case)? Given enough room I also hope to put some kind of spacer in-between the rad and the fans to reduce the dead zone. I seem to remember the rubber fan mounts I used on my old Vendetta II HDT cooler offered a nice gap, I'm sure I can find something similar on the internets. PS. I was under the impression that when just cooling the cpu, a custom setup wont perform substantially better than a self contained system. When you say "killer cpu only loop", I'm unsure of what you mean. Are you referring to the quality of the product? Or are you implying that a custom build would give me a significant performance gain?
  3. Okay so... Like everyone else the 200mm side fan on my cosmos-s is busted. I waited too long after purchase to get it replaced for free so I'm trying to buy a replacement for it. I found the OEM one on the .nl site but they wont ship to the US. They also carry the 12cm fan shroud for the bottom intake(been looking for that for 3 years). Very depressing that I cant order these. I found a replacement fan on the CM US part store but it's clear with red LED and I don't want that. I found a few posts claiming this fan will work --> http://www.frozencpu.com/products/6662/ ... g36c15s714 But I also found a few posts that claim it doesn't. Anyone know for sure?? I hope it will bc I love the look of the custom grills and heatshirnk that frozencpu offers.
  4. I've also been looking at custom kits like this one ----> http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalog/ ... s_id=29152 Is the quality of the product or the ability to customize worth 3x the price? I have the money and am willing to spend it but don't want to spend more than I need too. Not planning on cooling anything but the processor atm... If I ever decide to upgrade/liquid cool my gpu or other components I realize that a custom loop will be necessary and thus the swiftec kit would be a better investment, but it would probably be at least 6 mo to a year before I decided to do that. I'm inclined to just save my money now considering 6mo from now there will be all kind of new options. PS. Didn't see this one the first time ---> http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalog/ ... s_id=22815 Seems very comparable to the h100 both in price and performance... Thoughts?
  5. Thanks so much for all the info guys. I noticed that the rad for the h100 is aluminum and the plate is copper. Everything I've read about liquid cooling stresses to not mix metals. Could this be a possible problem down the road? If so what are the risks? I don't want liquid leaking and destroying my computer after 6mo of use.
  6. Hi, Thanks so much for the link and the info. I have done a ton of reading the last few days. I have come to the conclusion that I really don't need my own custom liquid setup and am likely gonna go the the H100(if I can get one). I have a few other questions tho if you kind folks don't mind... I remember a few years back reading about various phase-change and TEC solutions becoming main stream. I did some looking around and came across a few different "Hybrid" TEC coolers such as the V10. I understand that condensation is the main concern for these type of solutions but i believe that issues has been well addressed in modern sub-ambient coolers. I guess my question is should I bother looking into these type of setups or will the performance not really be worth the risk? PS. The most I want to spend on this project is around $300 maybe a bit more
  7. Hello. I have a Cosmos-S chassis and I recently upgraded my computer. I want to upgrade the stock fan on my shiny new i7-2600k to a liquid setup. I know a lot about computer hardware and have been building PCs for myself and others for over 10 years. However, I have never had any real reason to use liquid cooling, and as such have no idea what I'm doing outside of the very basics. I know I need a radiator, water-block, a pump, and a reservoir. What I don't know is what to look for in each of these things. I have also heard a lot of things about self-contained systems like the Hydro H70, and am wondering if that might be a better way to go for what I need. The Cosmos-S is clearly built to easily house a large(3 x 120mm) radiator and I have 4 open drive bays (an empty 4-1 module with a 120mm fan is in them atm) available for a reservoir. I guess I'm looking for both general advise and specific suggestions on top quality liquid cooling products. Random questions: If I mount a 3x120 radiator on the inside of the top of the case, will there be room enough to put fans on both sides to set up a push-pull? And which way should the air flow? Right now it's exhausting out the top, should i reverse this for a radiator so that the cooler air is being pushed through from the outside(top of the case)? What will that do to the pressure environment inside? That would leave only the rear fan as an exhaust with all the others blowing into the case.
  8. Thanks for the advice. I am just nutty about cooling. Thats why I bought a case with a huge fan on the side. It was my fault really, I did not realize how big my new heatsink was. I have thought about getting a different one but seems like a waste. I really just want to know if I will be able to get a new side door that will allow me to use my Vendetta 2. I just need to know either way so I can decide where to go from here. Thinking about it now, the fan on my cpu heatsink points directly at the rear fan of the case and is only about one half inch away from it. I wonder if that is causing any damage to either of the fans or disrupting air flow... god I'm obsessive about this stuff. PS. Fixed the link on the 4-in-3's.
  9. Yea, That might make me fell better if I hadn't been try to get help 2 weeks before your BS excuse is dated(June 9th). When I had trouble with my Raidmax case the replacement parts were shipped to me before I even received the email back from them. And the parts and shipping were completely free!!!! It's w/e tho, I'm sure I'll get help, eventually. I look at it as a learning experience.
  10. Yea, this is no fun. Still have not heard back from CM.You think they could at least respond. I did just buy a $250 PC case from them. Was thinking about going to liquid setup. I know now I wont be using any CM products. I have searched the net looking for parts. I have found several sites selling a 4 in 3 but I don't like to buy from sites that I don't know. Newegg has an ETA for the 17th this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817993002 but the one I think I need has no ETA http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811999169 I have 4x500GB HDDs waiting for a home!!! Anyone know of any other HDD racks that will work? I also still have a lack of air flow and don't know what to do. Obviously moving more air means more/better fans but I don't know what to do bc the side fan is gone. Example: Should I fill all the fan slots with 90cfm fans? Or bc of the major loss of intake from the absence of the side fan do I need a balance of differnt fans, maybe I only need to use 2 of the top slots? The point is I have NO IDEA what to do here. And CM won't even acknowledge that I am trying to contact them.
  11. Good idea. Only problem is that I work until 7pm every night. I have time to post on forums at work but not to make phone calls. I guess I will have to make sometime on my day off or something. This is the technology age damint!!! I shouldn't have to have real human interaction anymore, LOL!! I did find the duct on some .jp website but it would have cost 3 times the price to ship it here. I am not gonna pay $30 and wait 4-6 weeks for a $7 part.
  12. Mine is fine... I don't have issues with the side doors like so many, bc I understand that all you have to do is not route wires over the latch bars and properly line up the door b4 snapping into place. I did however put an ugly gash on the bars on the front(my fault)... Planning on a bit of touch up paint or somthin to fix that.
  13. Hi, I submitted this ticked with CM Support over 2 weeks ago and they haven't even sent me a msg to acknowledge they are working on some answers for me so I am posting it here. Product Info: Product Line : Chassis Product Model: RC-1100 Product Name : COSMOS S System Confiquration: CPU Brand : INTEL CPU Model : E6850 MB Brand : ASUS MB Model : Striker Extreme VGA Brand : NVIDIA VGA Model : 8800GTX Memory Brand : Mushkin Memory Model : Muskin XP2-6400(996523) 2x1GB HDD Brand : Western Digital HDD Model : Raptor 150GB PSU : Thermaltake Toughpower 750 W OS : Windows XP Question : Hello, I have tried to locate the fan holder/duct[RA-1000-FBN1-GP] for the lower mount but have been unable to do so. Where can I purchase one? I also need to purchase a "4 in 3 module" and have not been able to find one. I recently purchased the Cosmos S case as well as a replacement for my broken CPU cooler. Not realizing that my cooler is too tall for the side fan on the case. New cooler is the OCZ Vendetta 2. I realize you have already answered this question I would like to inquire about a few things. I have been told that some sort of revised side door soon be available for this issue. Is this true and how do I get one? Since I am unable to use the side fan I am seriously under equipped for airflow. What would you recommend? Replacing/Adding fans? What sort of CFM? and Placement? Any information you could provide would be of great help I have just slapped a few mixed 120mm fans in there for now to at least keep some air moving. I put a 1200rpm, unknown cfm in the bottom(with out the holder/duct thing).And one 800rmp 40 cfm fan next to the stock fan in the top.