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  1. I don't know. I have both the V10 and the V8....and have lan'd with both. As long as your careful and use the backplate, it shouldnt be to much of an issue.

    As for the V10 TEC issue.... I wouldn't recommend it if you're looking for a TEC. *But* it does make an awesome air cooler. I was a beta tester for the V10 and my TEC didn't work out of the box....but I still use it over my ZALMAN CNPS9700. It still makes a helluva air cooler. But then again, I didn't pay for Idk. If you could get one with a working TEC, I would say yes.... but otherwise, there are plenty of air coolers that perform on par or better for cheaper.

    Good luck, mate.

  2. Yeah, I swapped out the stock fans on mine for some lower cfm silent fans. Haven't really seen a difference in cooling....but then again, I don't really do any crazy overclocking.

  3. Antec 900's are no diffrent from many cases in the way dust & debris enter the case, if you have dust problems in your current case & lets face it PC cases are dust magnets, I would be looking for something that has decent dust filters or add dust filters to whatever you end up purchasing.

    Actually, 900's are notorious for dust, since they don't have any kind of fan filters whatsoever.

    I originally bought a 900 because I really liked the design, but after owning one.... Ugh. Everything is just a pain with that case. Dust, cable management, you name it.

    Have you looked at the new stackers, the 830s may not be as big as their older stacker family in height but they have a decent bit of room in there.

    The new Stackers are seriously awesome. It just works. Plenty of room for whatever. And it just looks cool.

    In the year or so I've owned mine, I haven't had any trouble with dust. They come with built in dust filters and really all you have to do is wipe them down every once in a while.


    Cheers. ;D

  4. All you should need to do is remove the four screws from the top and it should slide out pretty easily.


    As for removing the fan from the bezel, its only attached by tabs. The tabs are fairly resilient, so don't be afraid to use a little force.


  5. Yes, taking apart the TEC will void your warranty.

    Slugbug, are you sure its the TEC and not you motherboard? There shouldn't be any noise coming from it if its unplugged... Check your motherboard manual for beep codes.

    Will post a V10 fix in a bit... :roll:

  6. Well, if you wanna pay for shipping, I can just send you my old ones. They were really only used during the beta, so they're good as new. Otherwise, I think the stock fans were rated at about 70 CFM, so anything around there should be fine.

    These are pretty decent sound-to-performance wise.

  7. how wide has it to be in order to hold V10 cooler? which case fit the V10 cooler except 690 and 590 case?

    I think its something like 180mm or so... I'm not sure.

    Fits in my Stacker 830 with plenty of room to spare...although, you'd need to take the side fan panel off...

  8. Has anyone else had issues with this PSU being overly-loud? I'm not sure if its been like this since I originally got it or its just been a recent issue...(My case fans are pretty loud, so I didn't noticed it until I went to replace my case fans with some UltraSilent Xigmatek's....) Would I be voiding my warranty by replacing the PSU fan? =O