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  1. Very nice idea,I hope CM will look into this and also support at least a 2x120mm radiator for the top of the casing and stop using those big fans(eg.230mm) for exhaust or intake,a 120mm fan is more ideal as it is available to buy anywhere,but the big fans aren't available widely.Not to forget filters...please add filters to the meshed bezels,bottom psu intake or any openings.Dust is a PITA.A black interior will be nice too with the current cable management holes on the haf922.
  2. If the above 2 mentioned can do this why would I suggest this to CM?
  3. Mid-tower size pretty much means that there's vertically enough space only for PSU and motherboard and not for anything else, except externally. Its possible so long as the PSU is situated at the bottom
  4. Hi guys,I would like to suggest a new mid tower casing that resembles the Cosmos casing style with CABLE MANAGEMENT HOLES as seen in the Cosmos,the rear of the casing and the top of the casing should have enough room to fit in 1x120mm radiator and 2x120mm radiator internally respectively[take in mind of the height of the radiator+fan as some cases only have room for the radiator but not with fan],an example of room for 1x120mm radiator+fan in the rear: so far I haven't seen any casing that is able to do that internally as I myself is looking for a case that is able to do that,with that being said I hope Cooler Master can come up with new casings that are INTERNAL water cooling friendly,oh and not to forget a nice big windowed side panel to show all the innards! By the way thanks Cooler Master for all the great products you have brought us