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  1. Except that this revision is just supposed to be a continuation of a current product, but fixing various acknowledged problems. And that they've already told us on multiple occasions that the new ones have arrived and should be out shortly (or rather, should have been). And that they're losing business by ignoring requests about the status of the situation. Add to that how people who bought the original version and have had problems are going through he.ll(why is that censored?) trying to even get in contact with CM to send them replacement parts - and often being unsuccessful, even when calling, emailing and repeatedly posting here - and it really does start to look like CM is either grossly incompetent or has some of the worst customer support and service in the industry. Sure, problems happen. But ignoring your customers and pretending everything is all right is hardly professional.
  2. Hope it's out, still can't really be sure from that ad though... the item number is correct this time, but the same text lists the data that info was received as Jan 1 and it still has the old dimensions for the fan placement. Hopefully just lazy updating.
  3. Hmm was trying to compare the dimensions to see if they did make it bigger (instead of just tweaking the window), but the ones on that site are nowhere near CM's 'official' specs, for height or weight (and the ones on that site make no sense either...94mm wide case? That'd be tiny!). Also, the revision on that site ends in JP instead of GP... wonder if it's something else?
  4. If you don't use all the 5.25 bays, you can mount fans in them however you like (many people just do a pair of bare fans at both ends of the bay, probably with foam or some such to ensure proper fit), or get another drive cage (4-in-3 or anything, really) that has an included fan.
  5. Ah nice, finally! Makes me wish I could read that so I could see if it mentions any of the fixes, but at least it looks like they're moving (slowly) forward.
  6. Those HD cage links are the same...? A guy over on another forum I visit put some Thermaltake iCages in his Cosmos S, completely replaced the 4-in-3 module that comes with it. I believe they work fine, but each cage only has space for 3 drives instead of 4. Since it sits behind the mesh of the case, it doesn't matter what color it all is (I think they match TT's Armor cases, but you can't tell in the Cosmos S). If you're using the stock red case fans, you may want to replace the iCage ones, though - I believe they're blue. And really, I would bet any internal HD bay would work - 5.25 bays should be pretty universally the correct size! For the side door, I have no idea how/if it works, but the old answer here used to be "email support with pictures that show that your cooler is too big, and your shipping info, and they'll send you a new one." However, emails aren't dealt with, so... meh. I also don't know if they ever did send anyone a new window; that's just what they kept telling people to do. The airflow probably really isn't that big a deal. Yeah, get the new window or whatever if they ever get back to you, but in the meantime it won't cause problems. At worst your ambient temps will be a bit higher; it if really bugs you, take off the side door until you get the new one. If you have unusued 5.25 bays, you can stick a fan or two into some of them to pull in more air as well (though if you get another drive cage, they usually have a fan already). It may not be optimal airflow, but it should be quite good enough to not cause heat issues. Other alternative is of course to get a different cpu cooler that fits, but that kind of sucks. Personally, I wouldn't replace any of the fans with 90mm ones, but if you really are bothered by fan issues, just experiment and see how your temps change with different setups. If you read around this forum, support has *always* been appallingly slow. The move/upgrade/whatever may contribute to it right now, but it's not unusual for people to have to post for 2 weeks before staff here supposedly forwards their info to support... then post again in 2-4 more weeks when nothing has happened... and usually a third and maybe fourth time before anything is done. PMs are ignored, emails are ignored... Sad when a support forum is full of people asking "why can't I get support"... and still being ignored. Good job, Cooler Master. Sorry I can't be more helpful... and that CM *won't* be.
  7. Honestly I just wish you guys would support the products you have first.
  8. I would call them. Email support seems to go into a hole, and posting here will get someone to forward your request after a week or so... into a hole. They do seem to answer the phone quickly though, so that is likely your best option.
  9. Well, I have a mini-update, but nothing too great... I called CM support yesterday after having my email question ignored (and of course posting here rarely yields anything), and to my surprise the tech was actually helpful. What he told me was this: They haven't been given any kind of official release date for the revision yet, but they have already started getting some in, which at least means it exists . He didn't want to commit to a time frame for availability at retailers, but I would imagine it would be within the next few weeks unless some other problems come up. I'm hoping that this means it will be officially announced soon, so we can have a fixed date as well as a fixed feature list for the revision (the tech wasn't sure about that either). So, not great news, but at least it's some kind of update. Honestly at this point I'll probably just buy the pre-revision version and keep returning it if it has problems. I'm not very confident that the revision will fix the issues I'm concerned about, and I don't really want an open-ended wait.
  10. Well the in-stores date of 'late May' is obviously passed, and it doesn't seem like it's even been released, let alone made it to retailers. I realize there probably isn't a fixed date yet, but could we at least get some kind of idea as to when (or if!) this revision is coming? Is it just a little behind and 'any day now'? Or does no one have any clue and it won't actually show up until next year (if ever)?
  11. @madspec: How did you get the TRUE to fit? Did you remove the side panel fan? That's one of the few things that bothers me about this case... *EDIT* oops, just saw your post about the mod to make it fit Most of the pics don't work though, but at least I have an idea now!