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  1. Will I have any problems closing the door of the wavemaster with a hardcano 12 installed??
  2. Will I have any problem closing the door with this installed??
  3. Coqui

    Filters for wavemaster

    Thanks dude. One other thing. How easy is it to access them, you know for cleaning. thanks
  4. Hi, Im getting ready to buy the black wavemaster, do they have filters for the intake fans??
  5. Im getting ready to order the blue wavemaster. I need to know if my aspire Turbo case series 500w psu will fit in that case?? Xoxide says that they dont fit...
  6. So when Can I buy the blue wavemaster?? I live in the u.s.
  7. Soon I hope.. I need that blue wavemaster.. can someone give me some info on state side relese
  8. Coqui

    Grump's Wave

    You are verry good you. And on the next episode...........
  9. Does Hypersonic sell JUST the case???
  10. Coqui

    Grump's Wave

    Like I said before, "you rock" Can't we for the next episode....
  11. Coqui

    Grump's Wave

    It's like watching a tv show, But each episode is just better and better... Oh darn, I have to get more popcorn. Keep em commin grump, you rock.....
  12. Coqui

    Grump's Wave

    Can't wait to see it complete. Sorry to hear about the breathing problem, hope you get better. I always wanted a different colored wavemaster, but I don't have the time to do it myself. Keep up the good work...
  13. You rock bigbadbns.. Hope to here from you soon.
  14. Hello fellow members. I'm new to this board (obveously ) I'm just looking for some info on the coolerd wavemasters. When will they be ready for purchase, will they shipp with fan filters, etc.. thanks