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  1. How about the use of ALL Solid Capacitors inside the PSU? Is this feasible? Why are Silverstone the only ones (to my knowledge) that are doing this with their higher-end PASSIVE "Nightjar" range? Wouldn't this increase the longevity of the PSU, as well as the efficiency? Coolermaster should definitely aim to get an "80Plus Gold" award with their PSUs - more efficiency is always good. BTW loving the Real Power M1000 atm - just wished (with Bad Axe 2) that it had a power switch, X48-DS5 can handle on/off perfectly though, so I now have no issues with it. Otherwise above suggestions are excellent, especially the addition of 2min cooldown with fan(s) for psu after shutdown - great feature that Enermax has on their units.
  2. Easy Tune 6 reports 12.04 solid, doesn't seem to matter how much loading I am putting on it...perhaps case closed. Thanks for your support guys
  3. Yeah, BIOS is reporting 12.08v or thereabouts, but of course that's with no load...bit hard to check BIOS whilst priming I may try some of Gigabyte's software *shudders*, and will check a multimeter later on...
  4. Uhm, Today I came back to my computer Priming after I reduced the volts to the RAM, and had a look at the OCCT charts, as I ran that whilst priming and RT HDR IBLing in the background...only to find that they reported a lot of 15.5-16v on the 12v rail. This doesn't look good to me. BIOS on first boot reads 12v solid, but all programs in windows are now reporting 6.4v when idle, and 16v when cpu is under full load. Speedfan 4.34, Everest Home Edition, OCCT etc... These were all previously reading 12v... This doesn't sound good to me - grounds for RMA? System instability gone out the window a bit today (today is first time I've seen this). I will pull out a multimeter when I get a chance in the next couple of days and see what comes up.