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  1. I had originally pushed it until it clicked. But it still seems buggy. Just tried again, pushing it in as hard as I dare, and with a bit of trial and error, it seems the problem lies in the wires between the two ends of the extension, and not in the connections themselves. Will contact Coolermaster support now.
  2. Hey guys. I built have (almost) finally built my new rig, and have found that the extension for the ATX motherboard plug (the one with the small lead branching off it) is faulty. It would seem the wiring is faulty or loose, as a little jiggle can cause the system's power to just cut, with another jiggle bringing it back on again. When the PSU's 24 motherboard plug is in, it is fine, and no amount of play will cause the poewr to cut. But when the extension is used, it cut's out very frequently. I would just no use it, but without it I seem to loose the ability to use the power button, and the LED's that light up the top I/O connections do not work without it. Do you do replacement parts of this type? I am in the UK by the way. Specs: Rampage Extreme Intel Extreme Edition DDR3 1333MHz Corsair HX1000W Seagate Barracuda Asus DVD-RW
  3. Thanks. Please let me know when you know anything
  4. Fireheart is spot on. It's a new (slight) revision of the old case. I have the same model. Unfortunately, the manual has not been updated (mine neither), but it is hardly the most complicated thing to work out on your own
  5. Just wondering if a side door revision is planned for the Cosmos S (due to the CPU clearance issues), or whether I shouldn't hold my breath and just ignore the TRU and get something smaller (less than 145mm between mobo and side door IIRC)? Anyone have any idea?
  6. I also broke down and bought one anyway. for anyone in the UK. They have the newest version (the magnetic doors), and also offer free shiping on orders over £100 (which is very much needed when the case weights almost 12Kg, without the box!). I have to say, I am far more impressed than I thought I was going to be. the thing is huge, sexy, and very well made. Sounds to me like sovereignty68 is just damn unlucky with that one.
  7. Well, from the sounds of it, this is the latest version anyway. Thank you very much for the clarification neverXmiss and cmeu_knud. So this just leaves one question; is there a KKN2 model in the pipeline? Or is nothing planned yet? EDIT: Does a side panel with a reloacted fan exist for the Cosmos S? I will order a Cosmos S right now if there is one and they are given as replacements. I need to fit my TRUE in there!
  8. Interesting! So what is OcUK telling me they have then? And what's with RaQin's model? The original does not have magnets, I know that much! Are these just small revisions that are being phased in to the older ones? And what the heck was Notoriousbigs talking about when he first said we were getting a KKN2?
  9. For those in the UK, OcUK have definitely got them in stock, but they are mixed with the old revision (or at least, that is what OcUK are telling people), so if you buy one from there, you have no idea which one you have until you open the box. What I find underhanded is how places are still selling both models for the same price. This shouldn't be allowed. Why should I have to pay £X for the old model, when the new model costs £X as well, on the same damn website from the same damn people. "Oh, we have no idea which one is which" sounds very suspect to me.
  10. Thanks for the info RaQin. I have seen that case floating around, but did not know whether it was the revision or not. Thanks very much for clearing that up for us. Now, the question remains; has CM deliberately not changed the SKU number so that the product can not be specifically bought instead of the older version, or is this a slight oversight by newegg? EDIT: Any chance you could also check some other things for us RaQin? Such as: Fixed door latch mechanism New fan material so it doesn't break as easily If these also seem different, then this is without a doubt the new revision. Also, is the fan moved slightly to make the extra room for the tall heatsinks? I can't see them making the case wider, so this seems like the logical conclusion.
  11. CM need to tell us, one way or another, what is going on. From the stories of not receiving promised replacements, and the fact that we haven't heard anything about this revision, I am beginning to think CM do not deserve my money. If I don't hear some news of some sort soon, I will be jumping ship. I had my heart set on a Cosmos S, but this is just stupid. Even if they were to just say that they are there, reading our messgaes, but can not say anything for another week or two, it would be a great benefit. At least we would know something is going on.
  12. Sorry Thunder, but I wouldn't hold your breath on either hearing about the case at all, or it being released. Either CM are not making this a larger point because they are trying to sell off older cases, or there is a problem somewhere along the line and we won't be seeing the revision for a while.
  13. Looks like CM is losing customers already then. I wish they would just tell us SOMETHING.
  14. That **** is off the HOOK! More! MORE!
  15. Many thanks marty, answered my question perfectly.