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  1. I just got my windowed side panel. I must say that I'm so glad I did. I like seeing my CoolIT Freezone Elite through the side. Also, the new panel fits better as it has 3 corresponding tabs on top that slide into the case rails. The original panel lacked these. Feels more sturdy when attaching now. Guess it's really needed from the additional weight of the glass, but I think it also makes it feel more solid.
  2. I agree with gamester8989. This is good stuff. I threw away my Arctic Silver and I have 2 tubes of the ThermalFusion. I've even been recommending it on other forums I visit. This stuff actually did give me a 2-5 degree drop in thermals. I was shocked. I thought it was just that I put it on differently or something, but when I went to re-do something with my current build, I played around and put the Arctic Silver back on to compare. Same method of applying and the temps were indeed a bit higher. Also, I believe there is no curing time with this either as my temps were in line with what I was expecting from the initial installation.
  3. That really is kinda sexy. "Always bet on black.": Wesley Snipes-'Passenger 57'
  4. If the system is sealed and bled CORRECTLY, then there is no way air should be introduced. I say this as caution because you may have a leak, or you're not bleeding it correctly which from what I've learned, you need to do it outside of the case because you may have to run it a bit for air bubbles to work their way to the top (in bursts, not fully that is). Also, did you try rotating it so that any trapped air could escape just in case you didn't run it?
  5. I figured as much and just wanted to confirm. Maybe the listing could be updated to remove the additional pictures?
  6. OK, this can't be right. Can someone verify if this price and what's included is accurate? http://cmstore.coolermaster-usa.com/pro ... ucts_id=14 I see that there's a case, PSU, CPU cooler, etc. Just making sure.
  7. Understood. Well, I hope you guys do have something up your sleeve. Those guys over at CoolIT systems are doing some great things. I'd love for you guys to remain diverse and follow up the Aquagate Max. It really is a great product and such a silent solution.
  8. Oh wow. I was thinking that was gonna happen, but you've just confirmed it. Are you guys getting out of the liquid cooling arena?
  9. Um, agreed. That looks like a LOT of paste to me.
  10. jbjtkbw00

    Case Wishlist

    Wow, some fantastic ideas here. Question for you guys, though. When you are thinking about these modifications/improvements, do you figure how it would alter the cost of the case? I'm just asking because while I agree with a lot of the recommendations, we don't always know what that would do to the overall $$$ factor. CM may have had some of those thoughts, but abandoned them to keep the cost at a certain price point. I think the price is a real factor in the popularity of this case and would we want to see that skyrocket if the wish list items would drive it up significantly? I'm not trying to be a buzz kill, really I'm not. I'm just throwing it out there as food for thought as you guys brainstorm improvements. Keep it up though. The ideas are really good IMO.
  11. I get your point. At the time of purchase, however, I did happen to read some very good reviews on it. Sucks we don't normally open up PSU's to get a look inside. All in all, it was my 2nd PSU choice at the time as I was looking high and low for the ESA version of the Cooler Master 1000W PSU at the time, but never was able to find one. This is what I ended up with (plus, I never went the ESA route anyways due to no AMD supported mobo's). Should I get 2 years out of this based upon the review by HardOcp, then I'll be happy. Until then, I'm always looking for another modular PSU as a replacement and then this one would just be a backup.
  12. Here's a few pics of the finished product. Mind you, I will need to go back and see what I can do about cleaning up the power cables as I just have them would up a bit and the placement on the PSU has them towards the near side of the case AND the GPU power adapters are located on the front as well. Any suggestions are welcome. Heres' the completed build. Here's my PSU powering this monster. Closeup shot of the drive bays. That's 2 Velociraptors that I have running in Raid 0 and 3 1 TB WD Caviar Blacks And for show, here it is lit up at night. I think the coolest thing about this case is if you look at it from the top when it's on, you can see like a cavernous view inside. That's good though, because the radiator for the GPU's blows in there and gets pulled up in the flow out the top (along with the heat coming off the HDD's). Nothing going out the back due to the CPU cooling.
  13. If Cooler Master had a PSU over 1000W that was modular, I'd be all over it. I will admit, the Tagan does it's job very well though. I would have preferred CM.
  14. I'll throw some up tomorrow I guess. May as well jump on the bandwagon and show off how versatile this case really is.
  15. No matter what you decide though, too much is better than not enough. I've got dual 4870 x2's in quad crossfire and they're liquid cooled. There's liquid cooling for the proc as well, 5 HDD's, 2 optical drives and all of this is running off an 1100 W PSU (sorry, CM, you were sold out of your higher units where I was shopping at the time of my purchase, so it's a Tagan). I still have power to spare. Overkill, yeah, but I like the safer than sorry route.