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  1. I have many Coolermaster chassis and I never had any static problem with front panel connectors. I have Coolermaster CM690 II Advanced chassis and trust me it is one of the best mid tower case without any problem.
  2. Wow JBL. great work. Could you please show me how did you mod the front 2 120mm fan along with front face plate (drive bays)? Thanks.
  3. Well all 5.25" drives are made to fit 5.25" drive bays. If you tried in all of the drive bays and fits none of those then it could be the drive itself that is misaligned.
  4. Yea...I saw your mod for District 9. You are a Rockstar. I have seen all the mods but I prefer to see yours in the first place. I just want to add front fan to my drive bezels..but need some idea to it... I wan't it to match the entire case...not looking to mod the whole case.. By the way when are you planning for District 13 mod...
  5. Wow nice.. I am soo looking forward to get this thing finished... Hey are you planning to mod such for ATCS840?? I wanna add front fan to my ATCS840 but I don't wanna use the adapter that mismatch the bezel...need to look professional.
  6. Oh nice...I am waiting to cut my side panels but don't know when is CoolerMaster releasing 230mm fan filters.
  7. Hey coolmiester, nice mod. Can you tell more about the matching bezel? Did you mod it or you got the matching bezel from somewhere??... Thanks.
  8. Update please... I am sure if CM makes this filter it will be sold out the first day.
  9. Wow.. I was waiting for someone to cut that rear fan grill. Nice one.. keep going...
  10. Here you go: http://www.coolermaster.com/product.php?category_id=19&product_id=2908 The better fan to upgrade or install would be: http://www.coolermaster-usa.com/product.php?product_id=2915
  11. I would like to see all the above features. i.e. Led fan, very quite, high air flow, and long life.
  12. I am soo waiting for these filters. Hope it'e released soon.
  13. Either CM will keep it...or will sell it for double price..
  14. pcew

    Coolermaster Elite 341

    You can use that powersupply. There should not be any problem.
  15. I totally agree with you as there is none 140mm fans that is even closer to 120mm fans especially R4 series I just wan't to know if R4 series are loud at 2000rpm? I am really concern about the noise of such fans.
  16. pcew

    Case Wishlist

    Yes after adding 2x120mm fans in the HDD cage I was able to replace the bottom 120mm fan with 140mm fan with no problems. Is anyone trying to cut the side panel to accomodate 230mm fan? Actually I don't have tool and I don't wan't to take a risk cutting it out. I can definitely share some ideas if someone is taking risk of cutting it.
  17. Hey are you planning to change 120mm fans to 140mm. Actually you can replace rear and bottom fan with 140mm fans.. you will have to drill holes. I am not sure if 230mm will fit in the bottom. Also can you post a good snap shot of front side of the case as I wan't to see how Scythe Kama bay really looks on ATCS840 I really like the idea of the center fan right next to video card.
  18. It seems that CoolerMaster will release 230mm fan dust filters. - I hope HAF932 or HAF922 - the choice is yours.
  19. We are already discussing about the dust filters: http://forum.coolermaster.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=12389 Don't forget to vote.
  20. Well whats up with this: http://forum.coolermaster.com/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=12372 It is really confusing. Can somebody tell us which is better 230mm or 200mm fans. Reason for asking is because I wan't to buy led fans for ATCS840..
  21. Yea it would be great that if CM comes up with 200-230mm fan dust filers. I really wan't these dust filters because I am planning to cut my ATCS840's side panel so that it can accomodate 230mm fans with dust filter...yaaaahhhhoooo.. 1 suggestions: please bring enough in stock that no body has to wait for next shipment. 2 suggestions: please make it similar to ATCS840 filter.
  22. pcew

    Case Wishlist

    Wow excellent work. I would like to share some as well: 1. I would like to see a new side panel for ATCS840 that can accomodate atleast 2 x 230mm or 2 x 140mm fans. With filter -obvious. 2. Rear 120mm exhaust fan can be replaced with 140mm fan. (I had to drill holes and got 120mm fan replaced with 140mm) 3. Inner bottom 120mm fan next to PSU can also be replaced with 140mm fan. Did same as step 2. 4. Hard drive 2x120mm fans can actually be replaced with 140mm fans. 5. Front 5.25" bay should be utilized with an extra 140mm or 120mm fan cooling. 6. Front CoolerMaster plate should be remake with a nice grilled plate so that more air is intake with front 230mm fan. 7. PSU dust filter should be placed outside so it's easy to remove without removing side panel and optional 120mm fan mounted next to it. 8. An extra plate to cover the gap of the expansion slot. (without VGA air duct). That is all.
  23. Maybe you can look here: http://www.coolermaster.nl/shop
  24. I bought this case yesterday and it was a monster seriously. Damn excellent case and killer looks. Cooler Master could have given a pre-drill hole to mount 140mm fan at the rear and in the bottom of the case. Well thats not a problem as I did it myself. I would like to see Cooler Master coming up with side panel to mount 230mm or 140mm fans on it.
  25. The biggest disadvantage of this case is it doesn't have a side fan. I would prefer that Coolermaster build some side panels with 2 times 140mm fans mounting.