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  1. baveryj

    Aquagate Max Temp Sensor

    Ok, so the MB needs to be ESA, got it, thanks. But can I plug the thermal sensors into a secondary hardware thermomerter? I mean to say that the sensor is pretty much industry standard, and not CM uniqe?
  2. baveryj

    Aquagate Max Temp Sensor

    ok, so i've got everything hooked-up and running with Aquagate Max. but how do i get a reading from the temp sensors? they plug into the pump/resivoir/controll unit... it contects via usb to the Mobo... but what program can i use to pick up the 2 readings?
  3. baveryj

    "cpu fan has failed"

    the bios gives me no option to turn anything off
  4. baveryj

    "cpu fan has failed"

    I have just installed the Aquagate Max, and everything runs fine. But the cpu will not boot past the BIOS. I receive "CPU fan has failed. Computer will shut down to prevent damage to the CPU." Now should there be some kind of interface between the HSF header and the Aquagate controller?