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  1. I would really like to see a CoolerMaster Red Liquid cooling kit to go with my Cosmos S or for anybody who doesnt want green. I would definately purchase a complete set if it came in red. As it stands now I would have to peice together my own set up. Which I guess isnt a bad thing anyways, but I would love something that is branded by CoolerMaster and specified to work with the Cosmos S.
  2. I just wish they would make a set up that includes red liquid and red resevoir so I can put it in my Cosmos S now. Never been one to like the green and blue setups. Thats one of the reasons I chose the Cosmos S. Suits itself perfectly with the red.
  3. WOW, so I got my case today. I must say it has met and surpassed my expectations. This is the best looking case I have ever seen. The pictures just do not do it justice. I have none of the issues people are mentioning. I have none of the issues that revision says it will fix. (Aside from the size of the CPU fan I can use.) Let me just say, I dont think I want magnets to close the sides in the front. I really like the way they click in now because its very secure and all I have to do is tap it to get it open again. I cant speak for the paint comming off on the bottom rails because I dont intend to take the tape off that comes on it, after seeing this case I almost dont want to use it for fear of scratching it lol. I absolutely love it. If in the future I have trouble I can just RMA it through new egg for a whole year too. I wasnt even taking that into account Fireheart. Man, I must say I think this case is worth "More" than what I have paid for it. I had a couple friends stop by today and they couldnt believe it either. This is by far the "nicest" peice of equipment I have ever owned.
  4. The thing is, I am more worried about the problems I wont be able to fix myself: For the changes: - Fix door latch - fix 230mm fan material so it doesn't break easy - fix paint issue on bottom rails - fix positioning of side fan to support tall tower I wont be able to fix, door latches. I wont be able to fix the Side fan if it breaks, will need a new one and I need the side fan working for my GPU's as I wont be water cooling them for a while. And if the paint comes off right after I buy it, I wont be able to look at it. (I am that fussy and cant help it.) But I am paying 250 dollars for a case, I should expect a step above every other case out there when it comes to workmanship. I dont imagine I am worried to much about the CPU fan fitting as I am pretty sure the Zalman will fit.
  5. Well, I ordered a Cosmos S from Newegg. All the reviews of the case were great and I have loved the look of the thing. Been waiting to buy it for a while now. Now I find these forums and find out the case I have bought has numerous problems. Paint chipping, CPU fans not fitting, Side fan Breaking and others. None of this was in any review I have seen and I feel a bit Hosed here. To get a refund on this case is going to cost me a 15% restocking fee. That would mean I am out about 40 dollars. I was wondering if you guys think I should return this case or what? It will be delivered to me on Monday. This is to be my first computer build and I really want this case. Do you think its worth losing the 40 bucks or so to get the revision?