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  1. Thought some of you would like to know that sells the same 200mm coolermaster fan on their website. They are an excellent place to buy anything computer related. Hope this helps!
  2. I do understand what you are saying amorphous, however, this isnt a new product, its a revision of an already released product. I don't know if it'll hurt the sales of the first defective Cosmos S.
  3. Do you realize how many administrators or moderators answer many of the other posts which have many replys, however they steer clear of some? Hmmmm....i wonder why?
  4. Looks like an awesome case blackrain_101, i like the top front connectors. I'll look into that case, need a nice full tower for my new components all cramped up in a CM690 case. I wanna go Dual Evga 280GTX, but cant fit another one till i get a full tower.
  5. Don't keep your hopes up, it "was" due out in May and like you said its already July. I have all my new high end components in a CM690, and I've been waiting for this revision for quite some time now. No word from coolermaster on its release date so oh well. I'm now looking at the new Lian Li full towers. Now those looks sweet!!
  6. All my damn components need a home....when is this case gonna be released...for the love of GOD alreadly!!!! Im dying here
  7. Wow, Mid-June and still no info on this....??
  8. Can anyone translate what that says about the revisions or what they were?
  9. I there an actual release date for this or is this one of those, next month, next month type things. Any solid info on when it will be released?
  10. Any news yet guys, my credit card keeps jumping out of my wallet!
  11. Hi, im also new to the forums, I would also like to know when the new revised version of the Cosmos S will be released. I noticed that notoriousbigs has started a thread about the new revisions, any idea of its release date? Thanks...