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  1. I had to dremel out a notch on my Cosmos S for it to fit. it is very tall!
  2. I think a removable motherboard tray would be sweet. I know it would add to the cost but I would bet alot of people would prefer it over the current if given the choice. Perhaps improved latching system for the side panels. The back side panel seems to take brute force to get it to pop in and I really dont like slamming it around like that (inflects the guilt of beating your child). Strangely, the side panel (yes with the big fan on it) latches very easy which I guess is more important.
  3. I love my Cosmos S but the 3.5 drive mounting is kind of a pain. With the overall refined feel to it, the stubborn and inconvenient 3.5 drive mounting feels like this piece of it was a bit rushed. I ran out of drive room so I bought the closest thing I could find to the existing drive cage for appearance sake but I would probably buy it all over again if it were released with a better 3.5 drive situation. Still love it!
  4. hmm did the Cosmos S undergo some design change for mounting drives kvoong825? Those wouldn't work anywhere in mine.
  5. crap! the side fan has to come out in the Cosmos S for it to fit?
  6. Well it could have stood to be a little deeper behind the access panel but I was able to put most every cable back there and haven't had the side pop off after I got brave enough to slam it shut lol. It is possible but it takes a little creativity. I even managed to get the power leads for my video cards in that rats nest back there.
  7. for the record, i sent a PM to NeverX a long time ago with the information he asked to be sent to him in PM and never heard from him again.
  8. the critical information they already have. i filled out the parts request form, got acknowledgment that it was received (after i e-mailed again to see if it was received). i was informed my request was sent to the shipping department. time went by and i e-mailed again and two days later i got an e-mail stating the parts i requested were on back order. i asked if there was an ETA on when they would receive them or ship them and never heard back again. disappointing to say the least. i wouldn't risk it a second time and ever buy another one not to mention if someone asks me what case to buy it seems to turn into a rant of my disappointment lol
  9. would this imply that they have it available in US right now? if so thats great! I had already filled out the parts request from, etc, etc, told they were on backorder and thats the last I ever heard. CM needs more Rudieman type people around here.
  10. Well Fireheart, I did give them a try. They are very prompt on returning inquiries but unfortunately they did not have what i needed. Thanks for the suggestions though. I tryed the CM store route and the only one that had it was outside of US with a hefty wait involved. Had I known then what I know now, I would have went ahead and did it. I cant believe this is JULY and I am still messing with this. My granddaughter's birthday is next month so its a virtual race to see which comes first lol I am an understanding person when it comes to difficulties in business. There is no excuse for not communicating back to your customers though. If there is difficulty in getting something or not sure when it can happen, communicate it. Lack of response can be interpreted a lot of different ways and none good.
  11. How about the convenience of part numbers for every component in a case bought with the ability to order parts from Coolermaster? It isnt a foreign concept as most businesses have that ability and was surprised you do not seem to.
  12. well if my experience trying to locate a simple part without having to order it overseas and wait a month for it is any indicator, i would eat the 15% if i still had the option. tuesday i was asked to send a PM with my contact info for resolution and haven't heard a word yet. just to be safe, i bought my power supply for it from another manufacturer fearing i would get the same luke-warm urgency if something was broken keeping my system from actually working. its up to you but i wish i could box mine back up and start over. i am all about the little things when i pay 250+ for a case and find out the 800 number is picked up with an answering machine, tryed e-mail customer support and tryed in this forum and not a step further than when i started. extremely disappointed with this company.
  13. Posted this in accessories as well but hoping for a response since Customer Support (E-Mail) never replied. I am in need of a bay converter for my Cosmos S chassis. It came with one but need two. One for a card reader and the second for the fan speed controller. I cannot find a match to the one that came with it anywhere and do not like the idea of ruining the appearance with a 3rd party clunky looking put in this beautiful case if I do not have to. Suggestions? Thanks