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  1. I think this would do just the trick: http://www.cooltechpc.com/c/ctpc/std/sk ... apter.html or http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalog/ ... ts_id=2851 No holes to drill
  2. Hi, I have a CM850W ESBA PSU. In Windows, the 12V rial shows it's 10V? Other hardware I have: ATi Radeon 4870X2 3xHDD's 2xDVD-Writers Can't imagine this would drop the 12V rail?... Is there sumfn wrong with my PSU? **EDIT** Some additional info: On my old Asus M3a32-MVP Deluxe mobo the 12V line was stable in OCCT stress test, But now with my new Asus M3A79-T the 12 line dropped to 10V. Maybe Mobo problem?
  3. Job well done! But you sure need to do some rewireing inside...
  4. Why do you want to do that if I may ask?
  5. Clarkseth, are you using a translation tool to post your comments?!? Have to read the posts twice to understand what you are trying to say
  6. I liek the drivebay solution!!. I was thinking about a way I could get the front mesh attached to my DVD players too, and looking at the solution you created it sure is simple. How did u do that? (and hopw does the button work). As for the fancontroller....I created that mod too 2 weeks ago http://www.overclock.net/4503057-post1591.html BTW, did you check if your top cover fits back on with the molex plugged in? Mine sure did't fit so I had to cut a hole.
  7. Very Nice!!! I like the window
  8. Cuz of lack of front bays I decided to mod my top-cover and insert a custom fancontroller. I bought this controller and stripped it completely: Took off the top-cover and cut out the plastic with a dremel: The top and center: Both sides cut out and inserted the controller backplate to c if it fits: And now the holes, how R we goingto do that....:thinking:: Taped the old front to the case (first determained the position)Cuz it has the correct distances of the holes. After measuring the hole size to drill the holes Here we go...8 holes...4 fancontrol and 4 led holes: I thought I was ready, but then the top couldn't close cuz of the plug at the back of the controller. So I had to cut a hole where the plug has to go through: Protected the components for pieces of metal.... When the hole was done, I put everything together. Same way as I stripped the controller, but then the other way around wit hthe top-cover instead of the old controller front. At the end it looks like this: And guesse what....it's working very well
  9. All product which are going to be soled in Europe need to have a CE certificate, otherwise it's not allowed to be sold in Europe at all. CE is a Risk assessment, to invent people to get hurt by the product. Looking at my CM690, the device is a CE device, this also counts for the acrylic side-panel I bought for this case. So I don't c any reason for CM NOT to include a window... Andd yes, per country there are safety boards which tests products to c if they comply to the standards, and there are indeed products which aren't safe. Most of the times these are cheap a$$ products, CM in this case isn't a company which makes cheap a$$ products imo.
  10. Or buy a Cooler Master (STB-3T4-E3-GP) 4-in-3 Device Module:
  11. Don't think that's true....there are tons of cases with acrylic windows...
  12. The case looks very nice! But the front looks a bit cheap to me. Maybe it's an idea for CM to include acryl-side windows with the package so people can exchagne the meshed windows (dust).
  13. Whay to use ties if u can use the official mounting of the case.... Thsoe ties will only add vibration and noise!
  14. I just changed the first top fan to exhaust....sounds strange but the cpu temp was raised by 2-4C. So basicly, the first fan as an inlet wasn't that bad at all.
  15. Oh well, I jist took a a small handsaw and cut out all 4 sides...took 5 minutes and it fits
  16. True.... Note that I'm using a watercooling setup. Wouldn't the total warm air production be much lower than using aircooling...? The cooler at the back is pulling the air through the rad, and if the top fan is exhausting all air, wouldn't the rad.fan get too little air to cool?
  17. Hmm, I was thinking...I got my fans setup as this: But, wouldn't the last top fan take away the flow? So the watercooler gets too little air to cool? Maybe my previous setup isn't that bad after all, sucking in fresh air from the top.
  18. Yeah...true. There is no way you can add the fans on the top of the case between the cover and the actual case... Going to set thh top fans to exhaust and will cut out the front plastic mesh. BTW: sumfn like this: http://img410.imageshack.us/my.php?imag ... 031on5.jpg
  19. Seems to be you guys use the 2 top fans as exhaust. I myself dont use the sidefans, as for the top 1 there is no space left to mount a fan due to my CoolitSystems watercooler, and for the lower 1 will cause some irritating reseonance noise Receiving the CM690 windowed sidepanel in 1 or 2 days, with only 1 fan intake, and maybe by using rubber o-rings the resonance will be minimized, as I have used rubber o-rings on the top 2 fans also which infact did help . Still need to cut out the frontpanel mesh (plastic) to give better airflow. Does CM have some docs where they have tested the best setup for the CM690? Seems logical to me CM tested this case and does have some reports about it
  20. At this moment I have 6 120mm, 2 at the front (inlet), 1 at the bottom (inlet), 2 at the top (inlet) and 1 at the back (outlet). The outel 1 is also a Coolit watercooler fan with a radiator infront of it, so it basicly sucks all the air out of the case. I have read quite some posts about decent airfolws, some people say that having overpressure in ur case (like I have now) is better cooling and some say underpressure (more outlet than inlet) is better cooling. But is there some documentation form CM for the 690 about the best fan settings? Or can people post their CM609 aiflow on how they have setup their fans?
  21. Well, a dremel wasn't needed, just too a small iron-saw and cut out the edges No need to look any further:)
  22. BTW, I just found the SilenX Ixtrema 80x80x15mm http://www.pcsilent.nl/en/Ventilator.2/ ... bc38e47d68 . Is it the same 1? And not closed cornered?
  23. @tonschk.....Yeah I was thinking out creating an opening myself. It's really hard to find a 80x80x15 fan in the first place, and then taking a look at the picture of the fan to be sure it's not a closed cornered case fan (lol, tnx Zenphic, didn't know it was called liek that)... Can't send it back, it's just a €6.50 fan and the shipping costs are €8.-. I ordered the fan with a larger order. Anyway, I think I'll get me a dremel and will cut a hole, LOL...
  24. I finally received the ZM OP1. And what a waste of money....it doesn't fit. At the corners of the cooler there is a mounting tube for the screws, in coolermaster fans there isn't 1. So the fan can't be kept in place bij the fan holder . Aargh...the Search will go on