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  1. that is just badass have any tips for beginners?
  2. the demand isn't there cause not enough people are buying the case at that absurd price
  3. its still garbage...make a stacker mini already
  4. a nice video review of this case
  5. this is just a elite with a blue strip on front ugh you guys must be out of ideas or something as at first glance this is not impressive at all just call it the elite silent series or something lol
  6. has anyone tryed lapping this cooler for better results?
  7. a real life liquid metal cooler!.....cooler master needs to get off their butts and prove to the competition that they've got some balls
  8. would be nice to have a cm case that was comparable to the high end cases such as the voodoo based hp blackbird 002 such as a one button side panel removal and a cool pop out reader on top a new approach to tool-less cases is needed, NOT the cheap way it is done now, but in a useful manner such as below where one just pushes a button and the slot is opened some noise management would be a nice addon also also, if the motherboard tray isn't removable then i might look at another case.....the main reason why i'm using a stacker in the first place
  9. can't wait to see this sweet case @ frys when it comes out
  10. i'd rather see a combo card reader with integrated esata and usb
  11. a liquid metal cpu cooler would be my dream
  12. i'll stick with my stacker till this eventually drops cuz 279 is just overpriced
  13. 279.99 U.S. dollars = 173.025584 British pounds google is your friend
  14. msrp: 279.99 *cry* a tad much isn't it?
  15. get a spare piece of metal, grab a dremel....and practice at it to become that expert to show off what u want otherwise wait till a prefab side door comes out
  16. u can just mod the side if u wanna show off your hardware
  17. well it did say incl. 19 % hopefully it isn't over 300
  18. 90+ efficency modular only, too many cables = less circulation if not controlled single rail, high amps for gpu's thats all i can think of lol
  19. this case looks like a great companion to the stacker series although i do have a concern, doesn't the lil panel on the bottom half of the front actually block more cool air from entering than without it plus will be any side cooling at all? from the pictures i only see cool air coming in the front and being exhausted out the top and back also, this case would be perfect if the pop out top panel had a fan controller similar to the haf....would be even sweeter if there was a fan setup just like antecs new 1200 case
  20. damn that thing is enormous....can't wait to see the v10
  21. i've noticed that from time to time on my case...its always that damn right bottom corner fan lol however i just solve the issue by scooting it away from the mesh a lil bit, close the door and everything is peachy otherwise its just the cabling hitting the fan, but i solved that with zip ties
  22. too bad u didn't include any pics of the cooler itself as the testing/result pics are just posted otherwise decent review
  23. royce321

    CM Sniper Prototype

    yea it looks like a stacker, only that its full of mesh which aches for some modding those feet look ugly....hopefully this case will come with screw on rollers or something more functional plus they're continuing with the tradition of cheap blue pci "tooless" brackets instead of thumb screws....why cm why!!! although i'll give the built in fan controller a thumbs up if this is supposed to be a next gen stacker coolermaster has really dropped the ball
  24. yea that silverstone looks pretty nice.....although newegg prices it for 300 bux *gag* can anyone say