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  1. royce321

    ShaoLin Revolution "New Photos and Videos" pag 06

    that is just badass have any tips for beginners?
  2. royce321

    ATCS 840 Official Thread

    the demand isn't there cause not enough people are buying the case at that absurd price
  3. royce321

    NEW Cooler Master Sileo 500

    its still garbage...make a stacker mini already
  4. royce321

    ATCS 840 Official Thread

    a nice video review of this case
  5. royce321

    NEW Cooler Master Sileo 500

    this is just a elite with a blue strip on front ugh you guys must be out of ideas or something as at first glance this is not impressive at all just call it the elite silent series or something lol
  6. royce321

    V8 Official Thread

    has anyone tryed lapping this cooler for better results?
  7. a real life liquid metal cooler!.....cooler master needs to get off their butts and prove to the competition that they've got some balls
  8. royce321

    CM Storm Series .... Suggestions

    would be nice to have a cm case that was comparable to the high end cases such as the voodoo based hp blackbird 002 such as a one button side panel removal and a cool pop out reader on top a new approach to tool-less cases is needed, NOT the cheap way it is done now, but in a useful manner such as below where one just pushes a button and the slot is opened some noise management would be a nice addon also also, if the motherboard tray isn't removable then i might look at another case.....the main reason why i'm using a stacker in the first place
  9. royce321

    ATCS 840 Official Thread

    can't wait to see this sweet case @ frys when it comes out
  10. royce321

    Choose your I/O Wisely

    i'd rather see a combo card reader with integrated esata and usb
  11. royce321

    What is the CPU cooler of your dreams?

    a liquid metal cpu cooler would be my dream
  12. royce321

    ATCS 840 Official Thread

    i'll stick with my stacker till this eventually drops cuz 279 is just overpriced
  13. royce321

    ATCS 840 Official Thread

    279.99 U.S. dollars = 173.025584 British pounds google is your friend
  14. royce321

    ATCS 840 Official Thread

    msrp: 279.99 *cry* a tad much isn't it?