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  1. What happened to the CM/USA store ? No cases available , not much of anything available ; whats up ??? I was only there last week or so looking at Cosmos II new or refurb and/or extra parts for Cosmos 1000 . Now there not a darn thing there . Tia , stereo55
  2. Huba huba , what a case ! Man Iam luving those new wire management holes (and the rest of it ofcourse) . The Corsair cooler fits in there so nice too . Geez , I'd really hate to replace my current Cosmo's 1010 , but this new case just may do it for me .
  3. Hate Spammers ..... be gone !!! *reported
  4. Well , I took care of my problem with this little goodie .
  5. I finally got around to putting my Coolermaster Cosmos 1000 together (after sitting for the last 8 months) , and everything went just fine . However ... it seems this case does not come with the little (usually 4 prong) motherboard speaker connector (for hearing boot-up beep codes) . I never ran across this before on any pc case not having this in one way or another ; but again Iam comming from a Antec 1080/AMG case that ive had for 4-5 yrs . Ive built plenty of systems in the last 15 yrs and find this abit strange on a $200 case . I should also mention I re-checked ALL the wiring loom on the case including the front IO panel just to make sure it was not hidden or broken , etc ; but nada , or nothing to indicated this case ever came with one . So ... anyone else run across this on thier Cosmos case (or by chance is this normal for the 1000) ???? I find it hard to believe that this was excluded , as boot-up beep codes are definitly needed ; specially for overclocking purposes . TIA
  6. Corsair 1000hx fits just fine .