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  1. Bummer.. I have no idea when or where I bought it from (was bought new online) so getting it fixed under warranty is not possible right?
  2. I'm having several issues with this unit. 1. 2 or 3 times a week the unit freaks out. The display dims, temps goto zero, fan kicks on high, and the display goes on/off with a clicking (possibly a relay?) sound being heard. All this happens at once then my pc will shut off shortly after. I can find no reason as to why it does this. The temps would be fine just before it happens, and no pattern as to when its going to happen. I manually turn my pc back on and then all is fine. It's been doing this for a long time now and I haven't figured out what causes it but its very annoying. It does it when it feels like it. Maybe a circuit problem? 2. I have to refill the tank roughly once per quarter (sometimes more). I can find no leaks yet the blue fluid seems to still get low over time. The unit tells me when its low. I wait for this then simply refill it. Seems like the fluid shouldn't be getting low so much. 3. The unit keeps reverting back to "C" when I shut off the pc. So each time I power on the computer, I have to hit the bottom button which changes the display to read the temps in "F" instead. Not sure if this is a problem or simply the way it works.