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  1. Same problem. The software to update the firmware FAILS. Actually it will offer to update the firmware over and over and over, with the same result every time -- no update happens. Also when I run the Cooler Master software I'm told the current FW version V1.01.00 and the Firmware Update Version is 1.00.02. Most people I know would think that V1.01.00 would be newer than a V1.00.02, but maybe Cooler Master uses a counter-intuitive versioning scheme. But the thing that bugs me the most is the completely unresponsive technical support I've received for my ticket on this issue. The silence is deafening. Cooler Master can only hide their lack of customer care behind the excuse of a "global pandemic has workers at home" for so long. Eventually it becomes evident that as long as they get the original sale $ for their products, that's all they care about. There is no real desire to support the end user -- not even to respond to a support ticket with a acknowledgement that their is an issue.