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  1. Coltch

    Who is using the Aquagate Max ?

    Been using the Aquagate Max for quite some time now, down to cooling just the CPU at the moment, was using a Glacier 600 on my 2900XT but have a Palit 4580 that has the zerotherm cooler on it. Spec: Athlon 64 X2 3800+ @ 2.7GHz (never goes above 40 degrees under load) ASUS A8R-32 MVP Deluxe (Skt 939), 2 GB G.Skill PC3200 @ 446Mhz Palit HD4850 PCS+ (may look at including this in the loop in my next build, and might get another one for crossfire). 2 x 160GB, 1 x 120GB, 2 x 320GB WD HDD's (3 different OS's and running out of storage, might need a couple of 1TB drives to replace the 320's!) Thermaltake Armour case (took some serious working out how to fit the Aquagate MAX in, but managed to get there in the end!) - going to get a Cosmos S for next build. OCZ GameXtreme 750W PSU - looking at the CM M1000 to replace this. Creative X-Fi Elite Pro. Oh and nearly forgot - Cooler Master Aquagate MAX!. Will be upgrading sometime soon to a Phenom II set-up, just got to make sure the bank account agrees!
  2. Coltch

    Glacier 600

    Is it possible to use the Glacier 600 with ATi's newer cards?, I currently have one on my 2900XT but am looking at either a HD4850 or HD4870 to replace it - I'm just curious as if not I'll have to re-do the water cooling setup and possibly get a new block.
  3. Coltch

    Aquagate Max details

    Anish, There is no need to connect the USB cable, my motherboard isn't ESA ready so I just didn't bother with the cable. kerneld, I have some concerns with the temps/flowmeter, on my X2 3800+ (OC'd 2.7GHz) it sits idle between 25C & 32C (depending on the weather), under load it goes as high as 48C. The temps from my HD2900XT fitted with a Glacier 600 are quite good which is on the same loop as the CPU.
  4. Coltch

    "cpu fan has failed"

    As kerneld says there must be an option in the BIOS to disable the warning. When I installed my Aquagate max in my system it gave me the same error, I went into the BIOS on my ASUS A8R32-MVP and disabled Q-Fan for the CPU - no warning message has popped up during POST since.