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  1. In MouseController you can record your mouse movement with F9 and play it back with F11 (those are the default keys). In the CoolerMaster Software you would then bind the F11 key to one of your mouse buttons. Once that is applied, the CoolerMaster software can be closed (the profile is saved into the mouse onboard memory). But you'll have to keep MouseController open, otherwise F11 (and your mouse button) will do nothing. Hope that helps.
  2. Actually, this is probably by design. I've been using Logitech mice for the most part and AFAIK this is not possible there either. You might want to give MouseController a try though. This would let you record mouse movements and assign those sequences to a shortcut-key, then you could bind the key you used directly to one of your mouse buttons and/or use it as part of a macro. Other software that might do the trick too : MouseWrangler / GhostMouse
  3. In the meantime I was able to work around the issue by installing XMBC (X-Mouse Button Control) to rebind the buttons to what I needed. This also fixes the on the fly profile switching per application (MasterPlus only launches an .exe associated to a profile when applying that profile). The easiest way is to create a profile in MasterPlus with all default button assignments + DPI and RBG configured to your needs, then let XMBC do the rest...works like a charm.
  4. Hello, I've been using the MM711 for a few days now - great stuff - and there really is only one feature request I would like to make, which is: Please add "Mouse Wheel Tilt Left" & "Mouse Wheel Tilt Right" to the "mouse" functions/binds that can be mapped to the buttons of the mouse in the software. From Microsoft Mouse shortcuts Thanks in advance !
  5. Thanks for this, I was almost there (needed 0ms on the release) As this is a workaround for the normal SHIFT / CTRL / ALT keys not being assignable on their own, but only as modifier keys (like CTRL+C or SHIFT+DEL or ALT+ENTER) there are some limitations : When doing this for SHIFT on one button and CTRL on another, it will not allow to use a SHIFT+CTRL (holding down both mouse buttons) shortcut. It is possible to check the behavior with the Windows on-screen keyboard (you'll see which keys are being pressed or not pressed simultaneously) Is there another way to around this or must Cooler Master just fix their software ?
  6. C:\ProgramData is a folder used by Windows 10 (8?), are you on 7 ? Also if you're using other drive letters, check where the %ProgramData% environment variable lead to on your system. An easy way would be opening a command prompt (hold Win+R then type cmd.exe) then entering the command: cd %ProgramData% if it takes you to C:\ProgramData then it is still set to the system default value. You probably need to change that in order to work with other driveletters.
  7. This functionality was probably added after your post to the software... When in MasterPlus go to the Buttons section then click on the button you would like to use to change a profile on the fly. Select "profile" (it is in between "dpi" and "rapid fire" on version 2.04) and then you can attribute a "profile cycle +/-" or go straight to a profile by number. EDIT: Maybe take a look at XMBC (X-Mouse Button Control) as a temporary solution.
  8. This is a standalone firmware updater to version 3.00 for MM710/MM711 (Original post) MM71x_3.00_firmware.zip Although it's not the latest it should help you out...the software was completely unusable before I did the update on mine.
  9. The MasterPlus software seems to allow only for 100dpi steps. Logitech allows for steps of 50dpi though ... can't speak for others.