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  1. I think the TF400 is better than AS5. I have tried both and will stick with TF400 as it dropped my temps by about 7 degrees. When i apply TF40 i put just a little smaller than a pee size dot and just attach my block/heatsink and then im good to go.
  2. You have to put in a parts request or contact customer support and let them know you have a Cosmos S and the Aquagate Max and that you need the adapter so it will fit in the case. Thats what i did and they sent me the adapter and got it to fit when i was using it.
  3. I also noticed that. I also noticed a film that would start to cover the res plastic on the inside. I think it might be coming from the coolant that is being used. I have since put a new water cooling loop new together and went with Feser coolant and i do not notice on more of that film like cover on stuff.
  4. If you look closely at the wheel section do you see any bubbles near the top of the wheel? If so you will need to tip the case on the side (right) to get the air out of there and it should spin better. Give that a try and let us know how it worked.
  5. From looking around the net and reading how the case is set up it seems like you might be able to fit it on the bottom where the two hard drive cages are but i am not sure. Is there room up top to mount it? If not the bottom might be your best bet. As far as temps go that would all matter how much paste you have on the cpu, your overclock (if yo do) and the airflow. I was running my Q9650 at 4.4 and my idle temps were less than 32,32,36,36. I have all four cores stuck at those temps until i go over them. Load they were about 65 or so not any higher and that is with 1.49 volts.
  6. Thanks it didnt take very long once i got everything figured out and exactly what needed to be cut and drill and riveted back together.
  7. Here is the case and the Hard drive cages after the paint and it has dried. I cut out the top so i will get better airflow with the fans and i also cut out a hole in the back to get to the backplate on the CPU block without having to take out the motherboard. I also cut out holes in the front to put the 2 80mm fans to blow on the hard drives. Then i installed the fans. I mounted three fans on the radiator and then installed it into the case and then put on the other 3 fans so that part is now done. This is slowly coming together but will not be done tonight as i am still waiting on my quick disconnect fittings and my drain valve to get here tomorrow.
  8. Well i have officially started and just about done with this project. It was a bit difficult to get it to fit but i got it in there. You can find some pics of my progress at thi slink. viewtopic.php?f=9&t=12224
  9. Here is what my computer looks like at the moment. (It gives a new meaning to the word "desktop") This is my first major mod that i have ever done so it may not look the best but it is something that i have always wanted and liked. I took the things i liked about the Cosmos S and Cosmos 1000 and combined them into one case so i could have the case i always wanted since seeing both cases. My plan was to take the hard drive assembly out of the 1000 and plant it into the Cosmos S and that turned out to be even more difficult than i originally thought. If your wondering why i didn't just buy the 1000 and put a triple rad up top it was because i like the outside look of the S and wanted that look on the outside but wanted the HD look on the inside. My plan is to paint the inside of the case a glossy black and use blue coolant to give it a nice bright look. I dunno how that will look but hopefully it comes out like i plan. Some parts i am using. Now for the cases. I should have taken some pictures of the 1000 all torn apart but i spaced it and took some of the S somewhat torn apart to the point i was able to do some work to it. Before the tearing apart. After the drive bays were taken out. I did some cutting of the Drive bays on the S in order to fit the 1000 hard drive bays in and get them to sit right. This is the final product with the HD bays installed. Once all that was done it is time for paint and i wanted to go with a glossy paint. I didn't do any primer or sanding just painted and it seemed to turn out ok but i will not know for sure until the paint has dried. The one thing i did forget was to cut a hole in the front so i can put a fan to blow on the hard drives. I guess i will have to do that after the paint dries and put another coat on the front. Now time to wait for the paint to dry. What does everyone think so far? I can take criticism so don't be afraid of telling me what you think even if there something you dont like. Thanks for looking
  10. dubzhouse

    V10 Beeping?

    In order to do the fix you would have to take it all out anyways. I am not sure if taking it apart to fix the thermal sensor would void the warranty on it or not so i would be careful and make sure before you do anything. On the other hand the fix is fairly easy and only takes about 15 minutes or so max.
  11. How many hard rives are you running? If not more than 4 you could get some hard drive coolers and screw them to the bottom of the drives with screws and motherboard standoffs. You could something like this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.a ... 6811999152 You would have to give up two of your hard drive bays for this to work. I did it when i had the 1000 before i got the Cosmos S and it worked pretty good.
  12. I think if they took the hard drives cages from the 1000 and arranged them in the Cosmos S going up and down like the HAF would be nice. Keep the actual cages and have the look of the HAF and then on the side of the hard drives cages have holes drilled so the front fan could actually blow air into the cages and cool the drives. Like i said before i love the look of the Cosmos 1000 on the inside with the cages but i love the look of the Cosmos S on the outside. If you combine what people like about both cases and put it all into one well thought out case i think you would have a very nice case and quite a few people would but it just because of the look and how much room they have on the inside.
  13. Is there a time frame of when the new and exciting things might happen? I am looking to get the HAF but if CM is gonna release the HAF that is all black i might just wait for that to come out to get one.
  14. dubzhouse

    V10 in Cosmos S?

    Yes, this V10 will fit into the Cosmos S but the fan must be removed or you can use the optional windowed side panel. That is correct. I can vouch for that one. It would not fit with the fan on the side.
  15. Did you plug the 24 pin power cable from your PSU into the 24 pin extension that came with the case? Once you do that make sure you have the black and purple wires clipped together (One from the case power button and the other from the 24 pin extension). The red sata cable is your esata cable. Are your hard drives sata? Also your memory goes into slots 1 and 3.
  16. I will keep this thread updated once i find what i need and let you know if i have an extra one.
  17. Its not gonna be an easy thing to do but i think it would look pretty cool. I think i am gonna try and find a used Cosmos 1000 for cheap and then just use the whole front assembly including the solid front piece and rivet it into the S case after i cut out the required height i will need. I have a plan to get it done and way i might be able to get it to work. I will then cut out two holes in the solid front and mount two fans to blow onto the front two hard drives and then on the other side i would mount two more fans to take the heat from the other two hard drives out towards the back of the case. It may take a little time and effort but in the end i am gonna like it. (I hope lol)
  18. I know and understand that they changed things for a reason. I know this. But as a consumer i am just asking for some info in order for me to get the product i would like. I love the Cosmos S dont get me wrong but i personally like the way the hard drive cages are set up in the 1000. That is why i am asking this info. People mod there cases and change things on there cases because its something they want and they want it to look a certain way. That is exactly what i am doing. It shouldnt matter if they think and know it works better a certain way. Its a decision i am making and i just want it to look how i would like it to look since i will be the one seeing it on a daily basis.
  19. If you guys were to put the hard drive assembly from the Cosmos 1000 into the Cosmos S and fans that blow from the front of the assembly to the rear would be great. I like the look of the S and how good it cools but i do not like how the hard drives are set up. I think it would so much better with the hard assembly from the 1000. Keep everything else the same on the S and i would say you have a winner. At least i would buy it in a heartbeat.
  20. What i wanna do is take the Hard drive and 5.25 drive assembly out of the 1000 and put them into the Cosmos S and then put fans on the front of the hard drive assembly to blow air over them. I like the look of the hard drives cages in the 1000 but not in the Cosmos S. So i was wondering if i took that assembly and installed it into the Cosmos frame and then put the outer shell back on the Cosmos S if it would fit. So i would buy both cases and do the swap and then sell the 1000 after i was done or just get rid of it.
  21. I have a quick question that i hope someone can answer about these two cases. I am wondering if you were to take the outside shell off of both cases and jut had the plain skeleton if they would be the same? As far as the same goes i mean the length, width, and height of both. I love the look of the Cosmos S on the outside but i love the way the drive bays and hard drives cages are on the Cosmos 1000. My idea is to take the drive bays and the hard drive cages out of the Cosmos 1000 and put them into the Cosmos S and then paint everything black. So question again is are the inner skeletons of both cases the same in height, width, and length?
  22. Yep those be the ones. No problem.
  23. Where did you find or who has black fans with blue led's? Here is the link to the place i found them. They have blue leds. I am really looking to get some with green leds and i cant find them but imma keep tryin. Here you go: http://www.frozencpu.com/cat/l3/g36/c15 ... Page1.html
  24. I found a place that has black fans with blue leds. Now just to find a place with black fans that have green leds.
  25. Yes please do as i like them much more than the transparent ones. Those fans will go good with my project i got for my case and would add the nice green effect without having clear fans. People will most likely buy those fans over the clear ones atleast i would. please keep me informed. Thanks