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  1. McKie

    HAF X standoffs

    Oh, Okay... I thought them being there was kind of odd . But that explains it
  2. McKie

    HAF X standoffs

    I'm not referring to the threads . there are two stand offs pre installed on the tray near the back plate access hole that are longer than the others then the ones provided in the bag. Are they longer and pre installed for a reason? I'm not talking about the threads. the one on the left is one that came in bag. the one on the right is 1 of 2 that came pre-installed on the motherboard tray. It is 7.75 mm . where as the ones in the bag are 6.50 mm and that is not including the threads. as that has no bearing on my question. Is it that people were having issues with cooler back plates hitting the chassis. and these are preinstalled as an after thought?
  3. McKie

    HAF X standoffs

    In the HAF X case there are 2 standoffs already installed in the mobo tray that appear to be longer. Is there a specific reason for this?. Are these two standoffs already installed as a fix for preventing backplates from touching the tray ??.
  4. Hey I just seen this. would this be a viable solution
  5. Thanks for the reply . could anyone recommend a good fan replacement.
  6. I have Had my cooler for about a year now and I too have noticed a high pitch whine coming from the fan. I have cleaned the dust out in hopes that it was just a accumulation of dust. I have not yet tried tightening the screws that hold it to the bracket yet but will. In the mean time. I am searching for a good fan replacement. and while searching for alternative fan options. I also came across several people, and even a review that indicated that the fan was glued to the plastic top Piece and that it is very difficult to remove without possibly breaking it . The review made it sound as though this gluing of the fan to the plastic top piece was Intentional. But another person that had attempted a fan replacement. Indicated that although his was also Glued on . He felt that it was not Intentional. and It appeared that during the Manufacture process there are two foam pads that were applied with two strips of glue and thinks that the glue was still wet when the top was clipped into place at the factory which resulted in it being glued to the fan. My question is. If in fact mine is glued, and during the process of removing it I break the plastic top pieces. Does Coolermaster sell Individual replacement parts for this Cooler. I would hate to attempt this and end up with a cooler that is broke. I would feel more comfortable doing this If I new I had replacement parts available
  7. My fan after a Year seems to be making a slight whining sound. although it still works good. I want to change the fan with something else. any suggestions for another fan . I'm assuming a standard 120x120x25mm fan will work. and I take it I can just do this without removing the cooler? any help on a fan suggestion would be appreciated .
  8. McKie

    832 stacker

    I'm a little confused, most descriptions of the 832 does not specify whether it comes with the BTX kit . but the conversion chart here on the forum say's that it is included , So which is it? also a little confused when i see a picture of the Nvidia 830 it looks like a 832. is that right ?