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  1. Same issue here - BT dropouts Just bought this keyboard, as it looks great. Been after a 60% keyboard and finally this came in stock at my local retailer got it in stock after pandemic lockdown levels reduced. On windows 10, 1903 - seems to drop connection frequently and sometimes randomly. Also when the RGB is cycling near the end, it just stops registering any input or keystrokes until the cycle restarts from the beginning, which is really annoying. I am telling myself to live with it, as it is a damn pretty keyboard and something that I actually like (I don't tend to like the brown switches yet) but am having doubts whether to give up on this. I hope a software update fixes this soon - and I agree their software is quite bad as well. Let's not talk about how hard it is to change the lighting on the fly wirelessly even though it's touted as one of its main features. Wow, and I spent $200 on this.