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  1. Hello, i`ve searched everywhere for this product, but unfortunatly OUT OF STOCK. Does anybody knows when this item will be available, or if i can find it somewhere? It`s bad that for the money we pay for this case, they didn`t put 3x Cooling Brackets. Thanks.
  2. Hi, what RGB strips would you like to connect? my advice is you should go for some corsair RGB strips and buy a iCUE Commander PRO Smart RGB Lighting and Fan Speed Controller. I`ve bought myself 6 RGB 140mm fans + the controller(you can`t use them without the controller). The controller has aswell 2 slots for RGB strips and with the ICU driver from Corsair you will be able to controll your fans + strips. PS: the controller has 6x fan ports +2 strips ports + 2 other stuff, might worth having a look
  3. fix it, sorry i`m tomato, if forgot to power the Control Module......oh well...
  4. Hello, i just bought the case and just moved all my stuff from the old case, i have a ASUS® H97I-PLUS: Mini-ITX, LG1150, USB 3.0, SATA 6GBs. The problem is that the coolers(all 4) and the RGB light is not working. Does anybody thinks that my motherboard is not "good" enough? If so, can someone suggest a 1150 motherboard .