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  1. Well, well, well now I realize how bad this company is, not even look at forum WOW. But my friend building his system now, no cooler master parts in his system will be. The more people I speak the less people will buy this brand. Customer service well done.
  2. I purchased Silencio S600 ATX Mid-Tower case. Case doesn't look bad and would function for my needs. Now, if I wasn't in situation that I can't use any other case due to the size this would go back to Newegg. Reason it's not a product but more Cooler Master as a brand and their not responding RMA system when people has a problem. 1. Problem number one , case came with missing top filter cover. It should come with both hard cover and filter cover if you install fans on top. File RMA for this - no answer for 2 week. 2. Problem with serial number not recognized by CM system. You will get also auto response on this matter and autoresponder email ask you to submit labels. I did that again 2 weeks no response. So my product is not under warranty according to this. 3. Misleading advertising. On Newegg site show that Hard Drive case is removable or can be moved. No that is not true. Only right side bracket can be removed and moved but since left side riveted in you can't move the left side so you will lose 3.5in drive capability. This is a major flaw of this case also major flaw is almost no room for wire management. I wish my desk allow dipper case I would when with a real case manufacturer, not this joke brand with total ignorance of customers, no phone support (sorry I try to call, leave messages - say call later we are busy helping other fellow. No email to contact.) My advise if you are searching for any hardware for your computer just avoid Cooler Master all together. Cooler Master is not even be on my brand list any longer. If I could copy and paste this on every site they sell product I would just do so, so people stay away from them.