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  1. My thoughts exactly. They got back to me on twitter, saying the following... "You can contact the support team for RMAs via the link below. However, due to the pandemic, our US staff is working from home and unable to reply to support tickets as quickly as normal and unable to get restock on inventory to send out for RMAs." I understand COVID-19 making a lot of things difficult right now, but the least they could have done is SAY something. There was, and still is, absolutely nothing indicating that there will be delays.
  2. So the RMA for my PSU was approved. I sent it to Cooler Master and it arrived on the 7th of May. From my understanding, it should have been shipped 7 to 10 days after. My RMA status says it has been received, but it still hasn't even been shipped back and it's been over three weeks since it's arrived. Is there anything I can do? I understand they have a number I can call, but last I tried, literally no one was responding no matter how many times I called and it seems like others had a similar issue.