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  1. I've repaired my case with spare parts, until now everything is working.
  2. Somebody can explain me how to change the top panel? I get my spare part tomorrow but I would like to know if there are things that I should do or shouldn't. And the steps would be nice too... Thank you !
  3. Thanks for the reply !
  4. Yes it's like the communication with the controller stop so they basically stay on the last color requested. I think it's what it does in my case.
  5. Did you bought the case on the CM store or somewhere else to get the refund? Is it fast to get the money back on your bank account by CM? Despite the led problem I like this case, but I think I'll ask for a refund if repairs don't work.
  6. Hi ! I hope spare parts will fix the problem... Don't want to send my case because I don't have one as replacement... Good luck man!
  7. Hi, I hope new spare parts will fix my case and get back faith in Cooler Master... Instead of this, I'm not sure I'll buy again an expensive case with Cooler Master, or definitely it will be a case without any led haha !
  8. Hello from France everybody, I have had my C700M for a year now, and like all of you, my RGB led strip don't work properly... I didn't know that there was such a problem with that ! I've contacted the support and the RMA, despite the COVID I hope to get an answer and some spare parts quickly... I used to love Cooler Master but I'm so disappointed... Good luck everybody to solve the problem !