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  1. Oh wow, I just found this on reddit and the video from CES. THANK YOU SO MUCH COOLER MASTER! Really, really, really happy. I can't stress how much the shape of this mouse is A-MA-ZING for claw-grip. Like many, once I tried it there is no going back to any other mouse. Like, ever. Nothing compares to it. So glad you're making it available again! 1:30 'Respawn' mice shown
  2. Dear Cooler-Master, I'm a long time user of the CM Storm Spawn. Been using it for a decade. I even own two of them. I dread the day they will die on me. If that day ever came, I thought I'd buy a Xornet, but I see now they've been discontinued too, replaced by the MM520. We all understand some adjustments are required to make a product evolve. Attempts to make it better. However like many, I feel the MM520 is going in the wrong direction with the body changes. In my opinion, making a longer/bigger evolution doesn't make sense for Claw-Grip. If the target audience for this product line is indeed the claw-grip types... then I hope the next iteration brings back a design much closer to the Spawn/Xornet. The CM Storm Spawn remains the unequalled legendary mouse for the following reasons: - its wide-body is comfortable for claw-grip - the ring-finger rest was revolutionary, - the signature grippy sides are perfect for locking between thumb and pinky - the buttons were conveniently placed out of the way for the claw-grip, yet close enough for use - the asymmetric shape made it more ergonomic - the overall size was medium-small, short enough to move under the claw of most users, even with smaller hands Is it time for the ReSpawn yet? (credit Hyp0xia) That would be awesome. A Spawn remake with newer components is a guaranteed success with claw-grip gamers. Side note: - If I may, I would suggest bringing back original names for the products. Spawn and Xornet sounded great. MM520 on the other hand is pretty bland / lackluster. - The best Claw-Grip mouse ever made by humankind deserve a name with more panache! I hope my feedback can help you with your product development. Best regards,