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  1. Ya I've seen many videos where the 212 really works well. Not sure why mine has been a burden. I should probably of sent it back when I bought it for another one to rule out if this one was faulty. The upgrades probably hover around the mid range components, so by shopping around you can save quite a bit. Upgrades are being sponsored by mastercard which is great lol
  2. You know I might just bite the bullet an buy a new CPU. I'm currently looking to upgrade my case, fans and PSU so might as throw a CPU cooler in their as well. Was looking at a phantek p600s or be quiet! Silent Base 801 case which has awesome sound proofing, but not so good air flow. Noctua A12 fans look really good and seen the Noctua D15 cooler complements them well and is meant to be very quiet, so might go with that one. My PSU is 15 years old so that can't be good and worried at first that was causing the issue.
  3. Wow that's incredibly quiet in the video. According to the BIOS tha fan is only running at over 500 rpm! I've attached some pics of the BIOS and of HWMonitor of when the computers was just started, but even then then the noise is so loud and I'm not even doing anything. Can you spot anything that looks out of the ordinary?
  4. I have an Asus z97-k MOtherboard with Intel Core i7 9740k Chip. Yes it's the Evo 212 model with stock fan. I've the fan connected to the CPU fan connection that's on the motherboard. I'm actually not sure if speed control is enabled. Will post image later of HWMontitor when I finish work.
  5. I bought this CPU cooler many years back and it has been incredibly loud since day 1. I thought that was the way it was meant to be, so worked away with the annoying loud hum. Computer was mainly used for music production so I could drown out the noise, but when I'm coding it becomes a serious distraction. Recently I've discovered it shouldn't be that noisy, so wondering has anyone on here had the same cooler, with the same noise and managed to figure out what was causing it? Please find youtube video below where I recorded it. Listen on YouTube