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  1. Bad fan bearings. My MWE 750 makes rattling sounds on boot up (when the fan first spins up) and under load (playing a game, making the fan spin up). Im pretty sure the fan either spins very slowly or not at all at idle, that's why the noise can be intermittent for some people. RMA it, or look into having the fan replaced by someone who knows how. If the PSU is doing anything else weird other than the noise definitely return it.
  2. Mine also failed after 11 months, a good bet is to get a different brand to replace it. Use the RMA'd psu for something else or sell it, that's what I'm gonna do. That is if I feel like waiting. Mine only had a bad bearing in the fan, which I could just replace myself with a 20$ part. Too bad you can't just get your money back, RMA's seem like a nightmare through this company. Short answer, go Corsair or Seasonic. Never had an issue with either of them. Only bought this because it was on sale for 75$ at the time, I needed more power for a GPU and it had good specs for the price. Best or luck to ya!