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  1. Alright thanks so much for the help! I guess I just needed to set my pump to 12v. also found out ryzen master was overclocking to 4ghz even when I set it to default clocks. I just uninstalled it since I don't really need to overclock anyway and set my power plan to balanced
  2. Update: After a lot of research I read that it's best to have the pump run at 100%. I didn't realize what you meant by this until now haha. hopefully I didnt ruin anything by setting up a fan curve for my pump. running AIDA 64 FPU test for 10 mins and I get constant 62 degrees celsius now. Thanks Cenevit!
  3. After configuring with the fan control speeds in MSI Dragon center I ran Aida 64 FPU Test again and it dropped down to under 62 degrees! I think the fan speeds were just too conservative. I made it go 100% when it reaches 70c. also my idle temps jump from 41-43 now. I only ran it for 2 minutes though because I have to stop fooling around and go back to work but Ill do a longer test tonight.
  4. What is your motherboard and case? - MSI B450 Mortar Max and Phanteks p300Could you provide your room temperature? - My Room temp is around 33 degrees C, Im pretty sure this isn't accurate though because I'm basing this off of a weather app. I checked out the video and links and yea, my setup seems unusually high. should I try to re-seat the block? also how tight should I make the screws? it does this thing where I try to tighten it up more but after some pressure the thumb screws feels like it gives up and loosens up a bit, I thought maybe that means its at its limit of tightness. EDIT: Ill also try to disable fan control to see if that works first. Thanks for the response!
  5. I recently upgraded my stock cooler for my ryzen 5 3600 to the ml240r rgb. This is my first water cooler so I dont really know what to expect but I've run some tests: Cinebench - 75c highest (ryzen master software) Forza motorsports 7 - 70c highest (rivatuna) Warzone - 60c highest (rivatuna) Aida 64 FPU stress test - 87 highest 15 mins Idle - jumps from 40 - 50c (ryzen master) I just want to know if these temps are what you'd expect because maybe I didnt do a good job on the installation and thus not getting the full potential of the cooler. Thanks in advance! Edit: typo