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  1. Good luck getting CM to acknowledge issue or replace these defective items with working items. I'd also remove your Cell number before bots identify it and start spam calling you.
  2. Yeah, I'm sensing a pattern here. I won't go into details of my issues with CoolerMaster due to lack of time, but CM has taken a turn for the worst. The majority of other companies have adjusted to the crisis while CM is taking this opportunity to kick back and relax, it seems. Customer Support is atrocious, and this pre-dates the Corona virus pandemic. I used to think Eric was an awesome guy, but boy was I wrong. CM sent me wrong item, and Eric accused me of lying about it in front of the whole Reddit community - even though there are records, serial numbers, tracking numbers, etc showing the item received was in fact the item they sent (after digging, it turns out Newegg was the shipper on behalf of CM store - which explains the mix up but again, they will not acknowledge). At the end of the day, CoolerMaster support and store is just flat out crap. What happened, CoolerMaster? I used to swear by this company and now I am embarrassed about it.