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  1. np, if you go all the way ARGB, then you would not need a controller.
  2. buy something as this, yes you will not be able to control everything separately but at least you can sync every thing
  3. buy a controller that converts the signal
  4. Do you also have a Z390 mb? by any chance ?
  5. What about of being it related to Z390 chipsets?
  6. Well to make it easy cooler master have 2 versions of the MF120R and both have the Aura sync logo. Same for some other products, same name and Aura logo only difference is one letter A in the name. Here I show you This one will not work for This is the one that fit's in your build, plug and play They even have the same design. RGB is 4pin 12volt ware every color has 1 pin for it, every led/fan what ever will have the same color. ARG is 3pin 5volt digital signal what can control every single led individually on colors. ohh and the connectors are the same, the ARGB connector is only missing 1 pin on it, that's all
  7. ARGB and RGB don't mix, that is your problem
  8. I did all the steps before I did see your upload only thing I not try was removing all the cables. I can flash the firmware but no drivers are getting found. For good seeks I followed your order step by step, but for me it keeps falling back to a keyboard and usb drivers are not getting installed, And MasterPlusv0.0.831 keep crashing. There must be a way to manual install them, If only I can find where MasterPlus stores them or witch drivers could use. BTW I thought MasterPlus v2.0.4 is the newest version??? Last option that I can think of is a fresh windows install p.s. can you tell me how many ARGB's fans it can in control individual and if there is some short of zone control pls. ohh and I almost forget thx you for taking the time to make the video, it might not have helped me but I'm sure it can help some others
  9. Same here and wen you do get response, you get stupid question, "Do you have your USB connected, do you have the recent drivers" ohh and they send you link to use of the MasterPlus_v0.0.831 Thought MasterPlus v2.0.4 is the newest version
  10. Connecting RGB 4pin 12volt to the 3pin 5volt not much happens, they only show light bleu, The other way around yes, the ARGB led chips can only handle 5volt . so me bay if you connected the controller on the 4pin of your mb, using the 3pin port simple put hi volt to some thing that uses low volt is bad low volt to something that uses hi volt is not so big of problem I hope this can help you whit your problem GL, and, post a update pls
  11. Sounds you have something connected wrong and is shorting out. can only think of the psu doing that if you have something shorted. unplug every ARGB cable, and only start by plugin in your sata, if same happens then your controller is broken or have you done something to you sata power cable or connector? if nothing happens try every ARGB product 1 by 1. Make sure all you products are ARGB and not just RGB That they are 5v 3pin. make sure the triangle is facing to right way. and that you use the 3pin 5volt addressable header on your mb not the 5pin 12volt your mb has both. I hope this help you, more i can't not think of right now whit out knowing more
  12. Are there any other people find it frustrating that tare is a lack of info about Addressable RGB Led Controller "MFP-ACBN-NNUNN-R1" How many ARGB fans can it control independent per port or total. How many leds can the controller do in total or fer port? what is the max currant per port or in total it can handle? no direct software link or firmware link,
  13. bluetooth you mean something as this, what do you want wifi or bluethooht or via Alexa. name it and you can find it. what did you end up using?
  14. Your MB also has the 3pin 5v ARGB header a hud, is as a splitter, use splitter cables and extensions to connecit it all. Everything will be in scync if you want to control them individuality you need a controller between their