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    Hi there! My rig: AMD X570 motherboard Ryzen 5 3600 Sapphire Radeon RX 5700 16G DDR4 memory 1 SSD NVMe M2 1 HDD 7200RPM CoolerMaster V550 PSU Problem is, I must always set my GPU in 60 FPS limit, because if I let it run in full my system always crashes. It works 5 minutes, half an hour or so, but in the end always crashes the game or entirely the PC (blue screen). Interestingly if I set my cooling on the GPU to higher levels, does the same, hence, pretty obvious, that my PC has power supply issues, under loads it can't be stable enough, though the V550 should be more than enough for my PC as it is rated at around 360-400 watts and this PSU should deliver 440w stable. Interesting fact is, that I got only one PCI-E power cable for my PSU with two connectors on the end. Question is, if I would put another PCI-E power cable to connect PSU with the GPU, would that solve my problem? Are the connectors separately powered or they are united in the PSU side? If so, how can I make hold of a cable for my PSU, because I cannot find it to buy anywhere. Any help would be much appriciated, sooner the better, as I won't like to kill anything in my PC and I would want to know if I can solve the problem with this PSU or I would need to change it to something that can handle my computer. Thank in advane!