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  1. Nevermind. It seems to be working now with the old tech adage: "Turn it on and off again" (my PC). Still no closer to figuring out why it decided to act the way it did.
  2. So It had been working all day today and then suddently decided during watching a video I clicked on that the right ear speaker does not want to produce sound. It was not just that video though. As it now does not work unless I have a little bit of the audio cable unplugged from the headset. I also tried making sure it was alligned and plugged in correctly and no change to getting both sides to work. Is there something else I could be doing wrong, new drivers perhaps? Or has the headset gone? I havent even had it for a year I think and I really dont want to return it right now due to how I am using it for almost everything including work would you belive. Plus the pandemic means I am not overly keen on waiting months to get a replacement. Other than that, I can RMA if that is the last option. I am a fan of cooler master, so this wont hurt my opinion of them that much and overall this is a really great headset.