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  1. I noticed something If you set static colors to red, green and blue, there is no problem. But the colors would mix if you set them in other 4 static colors.
  2. Hello my friend, you are not alone. I used to love the c700m, But then my love faded !
  3. Even you should doubt to buy new generation of cooler master's productions There are also some brands which are better than this
  4. Hi, They do not fit together properly I'm selling my case and I want to get a case from Phanteks I kindly suggest you not to think about any of the Cooler master cases. c700m ,c700p or ... They all have a problem
  5. Yes but that problem should not exist with such a price Cooler Master does nothing to solve the problem It is unfortunate
  6. CM C700M is a failed product. I recommend everyone to visit Phanteks products. not Corsair or not Thermaltake. Phanteks has caught my eye.
  7. I am agree with you I want to go to Phanteks
  8. Hi As far as I know This is not possible. Connections, size and fasteners may be different:
  9. Hi Apparently the c700p doesn't have this problem
  10. Hi, The warranty center ordered the top panel and controller for me. Corona is the reason why everything is late ! An interesting point: The case controller has the ability to update. The company needs to upgrade it as soon as possible.
  11. When playing, when the overall temperature of the system rises. I think the PCB controller of this case is very sensitive. Today I took the case to warranty. I'm waiting for the result...
  12. Thanks for your suggestion My Case cooler is not liquid -I dont have any hydro model- it's Air cooler.
  13. The warranty center told me to take the case Do you think this is useful or not? They just check and say that they can't do anything !!!
  14. Yes, I completely agree After the system heats up, the upper led will mix colors.
  15. I realized that when the system heats up, the LED colors start to mix. For example, when gaming and the system heats up.
  16. alpha007

    Cosmos C700M

    The c700m is a new case Buy from Amazon America site
  17. << instantaneous >> Hello How to remove/replace C700M I/O Panel? is it difficult or easy? Please explain in the photo