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  1. Here is the cable The ARGB and RGB hadders are not compatible and you´ll damage your fans if use a wrong led header ! The RGB has 4 pin (+12VDC/R/G/B) and the A-RGB has 3 PIN (GND/Data/+5VDC) You can use in parallel (split cable) , but get though by the current supported by the controller ! At this way the parallel ones will run like a single one , splitting the data info and power. [] Sandro
  2. Hi Guys ! Greetings from Brazil ! My wife gifts me with a MasterFan MF120R ARGB 3in1 set to complete my build, but i´d have in this build more 3 FANs an the AIO From Gamemax (AIO Iceberg Rainbow 240, and the RL 300 Fan set ) Water cooler Fans So, the Cooler Master controller, especially by the software, is much better than the Gamemax controller, and I want use it to control all A-RGB in my Build. One question and one concern: Question: Is not clear if the A-RGB LED Small Controller has 1or 3 led zone... I think it´s one, rigth ? Concern: The fans and the water cooler pump has the standard 3 pin A-RGB Connector (GND/Data/+5VDC) , but have more LEDs than the MF120R ARGB (12 x 6 ); the fans are more similar than SF120B ARGB. May I use the A-RGB LED Small Controller to manage them ? How the Master plus software will works with these fans ? Thanks Sandro