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  1. Good night everyone, I know it's kinda stupid, but it's just like a last resource, at least to know if there aren't possibilities to change the socket. I'm working for a shop in my town, and like the owner had to pay me for some works and had to make a wholesale purchase, I told him to buy me the ML240L instead of giving me the money, then I could be able to build a PC for my girlfriend. I was waiting like 2 weeks, yesterday he talked to the shop and he bought it, and today it arrived, but he made a wrong order, and I got the ML240 RGB TR4. It's my fault for opening the box before looking the name of the box, thinking that the ML240 RGB TR4 was an upgraded version that added support for this socket, until I watched the socket and the content. This shop doesn't allow refunds if it's open, so I only can find alternatives, like know if there's a way to change it manually with another adapter like the ML240L one keeping the liquid cooling or sell it.