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  1. I recently purchased a CoolerMaster MasterLiquid ML360R RGB AIO CPU cooler, and I'm honestly not sure if I've just been spoiled by Noctua fans all my life or if these fans are defective in some way. Aside from server fans, these are by far the loudest and most obnoxious computer fans I have ever heard. They are so unbelievably loud that it's unbearable to sit next to them. The first time I booted my PC and the fans went to 100% for a second or two, I first thought that a cable was touching a fan blade. The volume is bad enough, but the fans also make some harmonic vibration sounds which makes them go "wawawawawawa" regularly, so they are impossible to ignore. I have securely fastened the radiator in my case, and I have tried mounting my fans loosely (barely tightening the screws) and securely, and it makes no difference. I have tried enabling the fans one at a time, in case just one of them had an issue, but they are all equally loud. If I detach the fans from the radiator and just hold one in my hand while it spins, it's actually pretty quiet, but it vibrates a lot. In other words, the noise is probably mostly vibrations against the radiator. For this reason I purchased some "foam tape" at a local store (it's foamy, pretty soft and a few millimeters thick), and I put several layers of it between my fans and the radiator. It was a significant improvement, but the noise is still completely unacceptable. Here are some phone recordings of the fan noise: Keep in mind this is *after* I added foam between the fans and the radiator. The noise is currently much softer than it was originally. One recording is with my phone laying on my mouse mat ca. 20cm from the computer case, the other is with my phone on the opposite side of the desk around 1,5 meters away from the computer case. The clips start off with the CPU fans at 0% (off), then I change them to 35%, 75% then 100%. (The soft wooshing sound at the start of the clip is my 6 noctua case fans at 60% PWM, ca 900 RPM). Even with my CPU fans pegged at 15% (which is the lowest setting I can use before they stop spinning) I can still easily hear the low frequency rumbling/whirring noise that you can hear in the first clip, but at a lower volume. Are the fans actually supposed to be this loud? What are the odds that I've gotten 3 bad fans in one case? Basically I want to know if I should try to RMA these, or if I should just buy better fans.