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  1. Hey CM admins! My ticket finally got a response but I am unable to download the update file provided nor make new comments. Please help or contact me via e-mail.
  2. Hello. Long story short. Bought the keyboard, eventually found the appropriate software for it and then it kind of ruined everything. App (image 1) doesn't really work or let me do anything besides turn the red LED button black and back. I can't even uninstall my keyboard or its settings (even in Apps & Features) because it gives me a blank prompt (imagbe 2). Now what's worse is that the FN commands that kind of worked before no longer work and the only lights I can get to light up on my keyboard are the numlk, scrlk and capslk ones. I've tried pretty much all of the options I could find short of RMAing the thing, which I'd honestly not do because other than the lighting issues, this keyboard still fits my preferences and needs :/ Oh and installing the sk650 update available here will add a black version of the keyboard to Portal, nothing more. SDK was a bit too advanced for me and seemed to be half in hanzi. Edit to add: SDKExample Ver:26 doesn't recognise the keyboard. Fun.